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Exodus 21

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1. Ex 21:2 - The Hebrew servant was to go free in what year?

  1. 5th
  2. 6th
  3. 7th
  4. 8th

2. Ex 21:5-6 - What was the master to do if a servant desired to be his servant for life?

  1. Pay the judges
  2. Get the servant a wife
  3. Put a sign on his doorpost
  4. Pierce the servant's ear

3. Ex 21:7-8 - What was a master to do with a man's daughter whom he purchased as a servant if she did not please him?

  1. Sell her to a foreigner
  2. Pierce her ear and keep her
  3. Let her be redeemed
  4. Put her to death

4. Ex 21:10 - If a master with a female servant married another woman, he was to provide the first woman with three things. Which of the following was NOT among them?

  1. Money
  2. Clothing
  3. Marital rights
  4. Food

5. Ex 21:12-17 - Which of the following offenses was NOT punishible by death?

  1. Attacking one's mother or father
  2. Killing someone unintentionally
  3. Cursing one’s mother or father
  4. Kidnapping and selling the victim

6. Ex 21:20-21 – A man who beat his slave with a rod was to be punished unless . . . .

  1. The slave died
  2. The slave deserved it
  3. The slave forgave him
  4. The slave got up after a day or two

7. Ex 21:27 – A man who knocked out his servant’s tooth was required to . . . .

  1. Set the servant free
  2. Knock out one of his own teeth
  3. Provide dental coverage to servant
  4. Pay the servant 30 shekels of silver

8. Ex 21:28-30 – Which of the following did the law specify if a bull gored a human being to death?

  1. The bull was to be put to death but only if it had a prior history of goring
  2. The bull was to be sacrificed as a burnt offering
  3. The meat of the bull could not be eaten
  4. The owner was to be put to death if the victim was a slave

9. Ex 21:33-34 – What was to happen if a man’s ox fell into a pit dug by another man?

  1. The pit digger was to be put to death
  2. The pit digger paid for the loss and kept the ox
  3. The pit digger paid for the loss and the original owner kept the ox
  4. The owner buried the ox in the pit and paid a fine for trespassing

10. Ex 21:35-36 – If one man’s bull killed another man’s bull and the first bull had no habit of goring, what restitution was required?

  1. The live bull was to be sold and the money divided equally
  2. The live bull was to be given to the man whose bull was killed
  3. The live bull was to be stoned and the victim paid 30 shekels of silver
  4. The live bull was to be penned up and the victim paid 30 shekels of silver

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