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Exodus 15

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1. Ex 15:1-18 After the defeat of Pharaoh and his army, how did Moses and the Israelites praise the Lord?

  1. danced around a bonfire
  2. sang a song glorifying God's victory
  3. built an altar on which to sacrifice
  4. had a huge feast

2. Ex 15:3 What do the Israelites compare God to as He defeated Pharaoh and his army?

  1. A protector
  2. A father
  3. A warrior
  4. A guide

3. Ex 15:4,5 What is the name of the body of water in which Pharaoh and his army drowned?

  1. Mediterranean
  2. Tigris River
  3. Sea of Galilee
  4. Red Sea

4. Ex 15:6,7 What part of the Lord did the Israelites credit with majestic power and the ability to shatter the enemy?

  1. His feet
  2. His right hand
  3. His left hand
  4. His nose

5. Ex 15:8-10 As the enemy boasted of their success, God simply did what in order to control the waters which destroyed the Egyptians?

  1. blasted with His nostrils/blew with His breath
  2. looked at them and winked
  3. thought about it and frowned
  4. had a conference with Moses

6. Ex 15:11-13 As the Israelites continued their song of glory to God, they referred to His love for them as what?

  1. conditional
  2. periodic
  3. unfailing
  4. necessary

7. Ex 15:14,15 This song tells of how four specific peoples will react to God with anguish, terror, trembling, and 'melting away' once they hear of His victory. Name three of the four peoples.

  1. Samaritans, Edomites, Jebusites
  2. Philistines, Edomites, Moabites
  3. Canaanites, Edomites, Egyptians
  4. Chaldeans, Edomites, Reubenites

8. Ex 15:16,17 These same peoples will be still as stone until the Israelites pass by and make their inherited home where?

  1. in an orchard
  2. by a river
  3. on the mountain
  4. on a beach

9. Ex 15:18 How long do the Israelites say the Lord will reign?

  1. until He establishes his kingdom on Earth
  2. a millineum
  3. as long as He wants
  4. for ever and ever

10. Ex 15:19-21 Which prophetess was followed by all the other women when she took tambourine in hand, began dancing, and continued the song of exaltation to God and His victory over Pharaoh?

  1. Miriam
  2. Mary
  3. Rachel
  4. Sarai

11. Ex 15:22 After Moses led the Israelites from the Red Sea and into the Desert of Shur, they traveled without finding water for how many days?

  1. 5
  2. 3
  3. 7
  4. 4

12. Ex 15:23,24 The Israelites finally found water in Marah, but could not drink it and began grumbling to Moses. Why couldn't they drink the water at Marah?

  1. it was poisonous
  2. it stunk like sulphur
  3. it was bitter
  4. it was dirty

13. Ex 15:25 Moses cried out to the Lord and the Lord showed Moses something which he threw into the water, making it sweet. What did Moses throw into the water?

  1. a stone
  2. a rat
  3. an ax head
  4. a piece of wood

14. Ex 15:25,26 At this point, the Lord made a decree and law for the Israelites as well as a test. He told them if they'd listen carefully to Him, do what is right in His eyes, pay attention to His commands, and keep all His decrees, then he would not bring down on them something he brought down on the Egyptians. What did He promise not to bring down?

  1. diseases
  2. misery
  3. acid rain
  4. severe storms

15. Ex 15:27 What did the Israelites find at Elim where they camped?

  1. a ready made camp
  2. twelve springs and seventy palm trees
  3. five vineyards and twelve rivers
  4. a Motel Six

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