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I Samuel 20

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1. ISam 20:1 - What area in Ramah had David fled when he asked before Jonathan, "What is my sin before your father, that he seeks my life"?

  1. Naioth
  2. Israel
  3. Egypt
  4. Areu-shur

2. ISam 20:2 - What was the reason Jonathan said to David, "You shall not die"?

  1. Because Simon says.
  2. Your God is my God and ever shall he protect you.
  3. My father is old, and you are young and revered by all the people.
  4. My father does nothing without disclosing it to me.

3. ISam 20:3 - What did David tell Jonathan was between him and death?

  1. An oath
  2. A step
  3. A short time
  4. 10,000 angels

4. ISam 20:4 - Who said to David, "Whatever you say, I will do for you."?

  1. Ferb
  2. Saul
  3. Samuel
  4. Jonathan

5. ISam 20:5-6 - What was Jonathan to tell his father, the king, if he missed David being at his table on the new moon?

  1. David, your servant, is making ready for battle.
  2. David went to Ramah to prophesy before Samuel.
  3. David went to Bethlehem for there is a yearly sacrifice there.
  4. David ate at Chick-fil-A

6. ISam 20:12 - Once Jonathan sounded out his father about his intentions of harming David, at what time would he let David know?

  1. About this time tomorrow, or the third day.
  2. About this time tomorrow, or the third hour.
  3. About sundown on the third day.
  4. Before the rooster crowed a third time.

7. ISam 20:16 - What did Jonathan say when he made a covenant with the house of David?

  1. May the Lord guard his servant David forever and ever.
  2. May the Lord favor David as you go from this place.
  3. May the Lord take vengeance on David's enemies
  4. May you do unto others as others do unto you.

8. ISam 20:17 - What did Jonathan make David swear by?

  1. All that he held true
  2. His love for him
  3. The Lord his God
  4. None of the above

9. ISam 20:20 - What did Jonathan tell David he would do to let him know if he was in danger or not?

  1. Throw three spears
  2. Sling three stones
  3. Shoot three arrows
  4. Text the number 3

10. ISam 20:25 - On the new moon, when the king sat down to eat; who sat next to the king?

  1. Abner
  2. Jonathan
  3. David
  4. Queen of England

11. ISam 20:26 - When David's place at the table was empty; what did Saul think to himself was the reason?

  1. He is with his clan
  2. He has gone to sacrifice
  3. He is not clean
  4. He is at Chick-fil-A

12. ISam 20:27 - What day did Saul ask why the son of Jesse had not come to the meal?

  1. The first day
  2. The second day
  3. The third day
  4. The seventh day

13. ISam 20:33 - When Saul's anger became kindled against Jonathan; what did Saul hurl at Jonathan?

  1. His sword
  2. His spear
  3. His coat of mail
  4. His lunch

14. ISam 20:40 - What did Jonathan give to his boy when he said to him, "Go and carry them to the city."?

  1. His weapons
  2. His bow and sword
  3. His arrows
  4. His socks and shoes

15. ISam 20:41 - Where had David been hiding while waiting on an answer from Jonathan concerning Saul?

  1. In the cave on the mountain side
  2. Beside the stone heap
  3. Near the rock called Ebenezer
  4. Beside the still waters

16. ISam 20:42 - In the oath David and Jonathan both swore to each other; the Lord was to be between them and "who"?

  1. No idea
  2. Their fathers
  3. Their enemies
  4. Their offspring

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