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美聖堂主日崇拜Mason Sunday Service



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Gene Huang




Experiencing Life Together

加拉太書Galatians 6: 1 - 10

楊 洋傳道

Min. Bobby Yang


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Jicheng Guo



楊 洋傳道

Min. Bobby Yang

金句:你們各人的重擔要互相擔當,如此,就完全了基督的律法。(加拉太書6: 2

Key VerseGalatians 6: 2


 司琴: 郭師瑜

敬拜團:楊偉立,鍾建國,楊 紅,張曉梅

招待蔡 忠,李小萍,林 燕,向 麗

影音﹕王建元,李 華


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Weekly Bulletin










1. 2018辛城教會主題:做主的門徒。

2. 成人主日學夏季班開始報名7/8,上午9:30上課,課程有;雅各書,箴言,如何帶領小組查經。報名單在桌上。

3. 5/30同工會結果:通過1)“兒童事工安全規則2)將教會支持吳大容姐妹的帳號上的餘額轉到她在的機構enthnos360上,3)支持吳大容姐妹為教會的海外宣教士,每月$350元。

4. 週三禱告會6/6 週三晚上7:30,在教堂舉行,歡迎參加禱告服事。

5. 全教會郊遊6/9週六上午十時,在Sharon Woods 公園的Cardinal Crest舉行,歡迎邀請朋友參加。請各家預備兩瓶飲料或水。靠近Cardinal Crest Shelter的停車位,請保留給年長的, 有年幼孩子的及有特別需要的(在公園收費站,請告知是參加CCC郊遊者可免費入園)。

6. 福樂團契6/9週六聚會與教會郊遊合併舉行,歡迎邀請朋友參加。

7. 事工協調會6/13週三晚上7:30在教堂舉行,請事工負責人、小組長務必參加。

8. 2018暑期兒童聖經班6/17-6/22(主日至週五)每天晚上六點到九點在美聖堂舉行。歡迎您邀請三歲至六年級小朋友報名參加。

9. 2018中西部夏令會開始報名:強力鼓勵大家使用夏令會註冊網站 https://register.midwestchinesechristians.org/ 註冊及繳費也可使用在進口處桌上的報名表,填妥後加上支票,請投入指定的盒子裏。6/28-7/1,在Cedarville 大學舉行。今年主題:活出基督的生命。今天集體報名截止。6/3 以後報名,請至現場報名,不保證仍有住房。


April Offering


April Expenses


April Balance


Year to date Balance


1.2018 CCC Theme: Be Christ’s Disciples.

2.Adult Summer Section: will begin on 7/8, 9:30AM. There are three classes: 1) Book of James, 2) Book of Proverbs, 3) How to Lead Small Group Bible Study. Please register now.

3.The Result of 5/30 Co-Worker Meeting: Approved 1) the regulation “Safe Practices for Relational Interactions with Children“. 2) Transfer Sister Lydia Wu’s CCC remaining account money to enthnos360 which is her current’s organization. 3) To support Sister Lydia Wu as a CCC Missionary, each month for $350.

4.Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 6/6, 7:30 PM at Church. All are welcome to attend.

5.CCC Picnic: Sat. 6/9, 10AM at Sharon Woods Cardinal Crest shelter. Welcome to invite friends to join with us. Each family please brings two bottle of water or beverage to the picnic. We have reserved parking places nearby Cardinal Crest Shelter for the elderly, people with young children and those with special needs. (Specify “CCC Picnic” at the booth to enter park for free.)

6.Blessing Fellowship Gathering: on 6/9 Saturday is combined with CCC Picnic. Please invite friends to attend.

7.Ministry Coordinating Meeting: 6/13 Wed. 7:30 PM at Church. All the small group leaders and leaders of all ministries must attend.

8.2018 VBS: 6:00PM to 9:00PM from 6/17 to 6/22 (Sunday to Friday) at Mason Church. Please invite children from 3 years to 6th grade to attend.

9.2018 MCCA Summer Retreat Registration Starts: We strongly encourage you can to use online registration system. https://register.midwestchinesechristians.org/.Or you can to use registration forms on the table by the door. Please put the completed form with the check into MCCA box. The Retreat will be held on 6/28-7/1 at Cedarville University. Theme: Live Out Christ’s Life. Group registration end on 6/3. After 6/3, you can register on site, but no guarantee for lodging.

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Weekly Article



  最近電視佈道家傑西.杜潘第,公開要求跟隨他的信徒捐款,以購買五千四百萬元法國製的獵鷹7X 近音速豪華客機。該飛機續航距離可達一萬公里,乘載20人。傑西的要求引起很大的反彈,在媒體界造成許多嘲笑和譏諷。傑西辯稱,這是他事工發展的必要工具,因為他要更快速的傳遞福音,並且可以不停下來加油。他說,坐一般航空商務艙,使他和一群吸毒者,還有魔鬼坐在一起,以致下飛機時,他已無心講道。在自己的飛機上,他可以不必繫安全帶,隨時可站起來禱告。他說,是上帝告訴他要買這款式的飛機;而耶穌再來時,也絕對不會騎驢子而來,肯定是要坐飛機的。他的事工已經擁有三架噴射機,停機棚,和加油設備,但都不夠快。



False Prophets

  "Because many false prophets have gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1)

   Recently, the TV preacher, Jesse Duplantis, publicly asked donations from his followers to purchase a new $54 million Dassault Falcon 7X near-sonic luxury private jet. The aircraft can reach a range of 10,000 kilometers without fueling and carry more than 20 people. Jessie’s request caused a great deal of rebounds and ridicules from the media. Jesse contends that this is a necessary tool for the development of his ministry, because he wants to communicate the Gospel more quickly and with the jet he can reduce the time of refueling. He said that when he travels in commercial flight, even in business class, he sat with a group of drug addicts and demons, so that when he got off the plane, he could not get ready to preach. On his own plane, he can stand up and pray without having to wear a seat belt. He said that God told him to buy this type of aircraft. He claimed when Jesus comes again, he will never come on a donkey, He will definitely fly in. His ministry already has three jets with hangar and refueling equipment, but they are not fast enough.

Jesse is a pastor of the Covenant Church in the suburb of New Orleans. He belongs to the Evangelical Charismatic and has served on the Board of Regents of Oral Roberts University. He preaches on the Prosperity Theology and has been promoting it on TV for forty years. When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, he established Covenant Grace Ministry to help the victims. His net worth is more than 40 million dollars and lives in a 35,000-square-foot mansion without paying a penny of tax because he registered it under his ministry. He has long been under investigation of IRS. However, compared to other successful Evangelical preachers, he is still far behind. For example, Kenneth Copeland has net worth of $760 million; Bishop T.D. Jakes has $150 million; David Oyedepo of Nigeria has $150 million; Pat Robertson has $100 million etc..

  Prosperity Gospel is completely nonbiblical. Even those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible know that Christians should live a simple life. The Lord Jesus came to the world and said, “The fox has a hole, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has no place for a pillow.” (Luke 9:58) And He said: “To sell all your possessions to the poor, there must be treasure in heaven.” (Luke 18:22) It is strange to call others to live in simplicity and himself becomes a billionaire. What is not a false prophet? 

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