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美聖堂主日崇拜Mason Sunday Service



Worship Hymns


Gene Huang




What Drives Your Life?

以賽亞書Isaiah 44:1-2


Pastor David Wu


Special Report

泰北Wendy/Anawin 事工

Thailand Wendy/Anawin Ministry


Jim Wei


Welcome & Anno.


Jicheng Guo




Pastor David Wu


Key Verse: Isaiah 44:2


 敬拜團:楊偉立, 鍾建國, 楊 紅, 劉燕平。




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Weekly Bulletin


1. 2018辛城教會主題:做主的門徒。

2. 2017教會奉獻收據:請在進口處領取。若有問題請洽吳學忠弟兄。

3. 邁阿密校園團契:二月到四月週五聚會晚餐的預備,邀請樂意服事的同工加入。請與嘉昕師母聯絡。513-858-3490

4. 八十天與主更親近計劃:請為跟上進度,竭力與主親近代禱。

5. 2018暑期兒童音樂劇﹕音樂劇的劇本、光碟、一份$ 20元,T衫一件$ 10元,歡迎您訂購以及每位孩子要預交$5元皮薩錢。請鼓勵您的孩子參加。報名單在大堂入口桌上。請填妥預訂的單子附上支票投入奉獻箱。詳情請洽李璐玲。4/27週五晚上舉行試唱。

6. 聯合禱告會1/31 週三晚上7:30 在本堂舉行。鼓勵大家參加。

7. 週三禱告會2/7,晚上7:30在教堂舉行。歡迎參加禱告服事。

8. 福樂團契聚會2/10 週六上午十點在美聖堂舉行。講員:劉家揚長老。

9. 愛宴2/11的愛宴取消。

10. 事工協調會2/14 週三7:30在教堂舉行。歡迎同工參加。請小組長及事工負責人務必參加。

11. 週五晚聚會取消一次2/16 週五的成人查經,AWANA及青少年聚暫停一次。

12. 美聖堂春節福音聚會2/17 週六晚上5:30在教會舉行。節目豐富,備有晚餐,兒童青少年節目。吳繼揚牧師給與信息。請多用彩色單張邀請朋友參加。

13. 泰北Wendy/Anawin 事工辛城教會於3/31停止代收奉獻。請仍關心的直接透過Daybreak Development Corporate 來奉獻給他們的事工。

14. 宣道士J&K:目前他們的每月支持仍然不足。請有負擔的 透過Frontier機構奉獻。


1. 2018 CCC Theme: Be Christ’s Disciples.

2. 2017 Offering Receipt: Please pick it up at the entrance. Please contact Bro. Simon Wu if you have any question.

3. Miami Campus Fellowship: Need volunteers to prepare dinner for Friday Night Meetings from Feb. to April. Please contact Mrs. Rebecca Wu if you are interested at 513-858-3490.

4. 80 Days Near to the Lord: Please pray for all participants that they can catch up with the schedule and draw near to God daily.

5. 2018 Summer Children Musical: The cost for the musical book and the CD is $20 and a T-shirt costs $10 and every child will pay $5 for pizza. Please encourage your children to participate. Registration form is by the entrance of Sanctuary. Please drop the completed form with a check into the offering box. Contact Linda Li for detail. The audition will be on 4/27 Friday night.

6. Combined Prayer Meeting: 1/31 Wed. 7:30 PM at Compton. Encourage all to come.

7. Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 2/7, 7:30 PM at Church. All are welcome to join in this ministry.

8. Blessing Fellowship Meeting: 2/10 Sat. 10:00 AM at Mason Church. Speaker: Elder Chia-Yang Liu

9. Love Feast: No love feast on 2/11.

10. Ministry Coordinating Meeting: 2/14 Wed. 7:30 PM at Church. All co-workers are welcome to attend. All small groups’ leaders and ministry’s coordinators must attend.

11. No Mason Friday Night Meeting: On 2/16. Adult Bible study, AWANA and Youth Group are cancelled.

12. Mason Chinese New Year Evangelical Meeting: 2/17 Sat. 5:30 PM at Mason Church. There are many programs and dinner will be provided. There will be activities for youth and children. Pastor Wu will be the speaker. Please invite your friends to attend.

13. Thailand Wendy/Anawin Ministry: CCC will stop collecting fund for them on 3/31. Please send your donation through Daybreak Development Corporate to support their ministry.

14. Missionary J&K: They are still short of monthly need. You can support their ministry through Frontier.

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Weekly Article






  被恐懼所駕馭的人- 恐懼可能來自成長的環境,失敗的經歷,極端的權威,和不真實的期望。他們很容易因躑躅不前就錯失良機,又不斷的後悔。這種自我限制,劃地為牢的心態,是很難成功的。法老的膳長就是這樣的人,他被關在監獄中十分憂慮,也不得解脫,最後被斬了頭。



Wrong Driving Forces

  "I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man’s envy of his neighbor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” (Eccl.4:4)

  Our lives are driven by some sort of force, and these subconscious beliefs determinate every decision we make. For examples:

Driven by guilt: Such people had never forgiven themselves for their past mistakes; therefore they blame themselves in every frustrated situation, and would even unconsciously punish themselves by sabotaging their own success. In the story of Genesis, Joseph's elder brother Reuben was such a man; for he failed to prevent Joseph from being sold as a slave, and he had carried the blame for life. Later, Joseph became the Prime Minister of Egypt and his brothers went to Egypt for food due to famine and were detained; Reuben still felt guilty for what they did to Joseph. (Genesis 42:22). 

  Driven by anger: People who lack love in their life are most likely to become angry people. They cling to the past hurt and refuse to forgive others, and allow anger to rule their lives and hurt others even more. Joseph's brothers are basically such people. When they heard of the dream Joseph had which implied that they would be under Joseph in the future triggered their resentment toward their father's favoritism and they were filled with anger and jealousy. When Joseph's father was not with him, they threw Joseph into a pit and even sold him to a Midianite merchant.

Driven by fear: Many reasons can make people become fearful: the environment they grew up, the past failure experience, extreme authority, and unrealistic expectations of others. Fear may cost people loss many opportunities because of their hesitation and later keep on regretting. People with this kind of self-limiting mentality are hard to succeed. Pharaoh's chief baker was such a man; who was very anxious in the jail without relief and was eventually beheaded.

Driven by materialism: People who only pursue the things in the world think the more stuff is better and spend their time to seek temporary happiness. Potiphar, a Pharaoh's official, was such a man. He was busy about his own pursue and handed over his household and all he owned to Joseph’s care, and even did not know that his wife was a sensual woman.

These wrong types of driving forces will waste our lives; therefore we should be careful not to fall into any of them.

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