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美聖堂主日崇拜Mason Sunday Service



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Dominica Yeh




Altar of Thanksgiving

以弗所書Ephesians 1:15-23


Min. Bobby Yang


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†The Need of Barnabas Ministry


Joseph Huang


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Min. Bobby Yang


Key VerseEphesians 1:3

司琴:李人傑(Joe Li





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Weekly Bulletin


1. 2017辛城教會主題:建立家庭的祭壇。十二月操練:感恩的祭壇。

2. 主日崇拜安全:出於主日敬拜期間教會及兒童的安全考量,特別擴堂施工期間,經美聖同工會一致同意,入口大門將於主日上午十一時關閉,敬拜結束後再開放。敬請弟兄姐妹準時參加敬拜。

3. 美聖堂成人主日學報名:已開始。1/7/2018 早上9:30開始上課。共有五門課:羅馬書-趙嘉昕,小先知書-賴姬吟,新生命,新生活-黃陽才/愛軍,顧正朝/曉杰,舊約概論-詹生和,基要真理-方冠傑。歡迎報名參加。

4. 2017巴拿巴事工信心奉獻:目前我們已收到$76,000,距離我們目標八萬元,還有約四千元。將截止日期從10/31延遲到12/31。請把握機會繼續奉獻,供給他們2018年的事工經費。

5. 2018 泰國短宣隊招募隊員:從12/21/2018 1/2/2019.歡迎12年級高中生,大學生 及大人參加。詳情請洽Amy Zhao

6. 支持辛城市區Cathy Cadle事工 11/1912/17期間請弟兄姊妹捐冬天衣物:大衣,手套,帽子等等。食物如:罐頭,乾糧等送給無家可歸的和單親家庭,請將衣物、食物帶到教堂大堂進口處指定的箱中。

7. 週三禱告會12/6日週三晚上7:30分,在教堂舉行,請參加禱告服事。

8. 兒童主日學演出:慶祝聖誕節於12/10日主日崇拜舉行,請邀請朋友來參加。

9. 事工協調會12/13週三晚上7:30,在教堂舉行。歡迎參加。請事工、小組負責人務必參加。

10. 本堂聖誕節特別福音聚會12/23 週六晚上六時,在本堂舉行特別聚會。備有晚餐,有聖誕詩歌及信息,歡迎邀請朋友參加。

11. 俄亥俄州第三屆夫婦靈命進深營2/9-2/11/18(週五至週日)在辛城舉行。報名表在入口桌上或網上報名。詳情請洽湯覺民。https://tinyurl.com/Ohio3rdMER2


1. Theme: Build the altar at home. Dec.: Altar of Thanksgiving.

2. Sunday Worship Safety: Due to the safety concern for the church and children especially during Church expansion period, approved by Mason coworker meeting, the main entrance will be locked at 11AM for the worship services and will open after worship service is over. Please attend the worship on time (10:45).

3. Mason Adult Sunday School Registration: it has started and the class will begin on 1/7/2018 at 9:30 AM. There are five classes: Book of Romans-Rebecca Wu, Books of little Prophets-Jean Wu, New Life/New Living- Joseph Huang/Aijun, Zhengchao Gu/Xiaojie, Old Testament Survey- Shenghe Zhan, Basic Doctrine- KC Fang. All are welcome to attend.

4. 2017 Barnabas Faith Pledge Offering: Praise the Lord that we have collected $76,000 and are short of 4,000. GCC had decided to move the offering ending date to 12/31 instead of 10/31.You can still give to this ministry to provide their ministry needs for 2018.

5. 2018 Thailand Short Term Mission: Time: 12/21/2018-1/2/2019. Itís recruiting team members and welcome students who are either senior in high school, or in college and adults to join in. Please contact Amy Zhao for detail.

6. Cathy Cadle Ministry: From 11/19 to 12/17, we are collecting winter clothing and can goods to help out the homeless or single parent homes in the downtown area. Coats, gloves, hats, can good and dry foods are welcome. Please place items in designated box at the church front entrance.

7. Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 12/6 at 7:30 PM at Church. Please join in this service.

8. Children Sunday School Performance: Celebrating Christmas on Sunday 12/10 at church. Please invite friends to attend.

9. Ministry Coordinating Meeting: Wed. 12/13, 7:30 PM at Mason. All co-workers are welcome to attend. All ministries' coordinators and small group leaders must attend.

10. Compton Christmas Gospel Meeting: 12/23 Sat. 6:00 PM at Compton Church. Dinner will be provided. The program includes singing Christmas songs and a message. Please invite your friend to attend.

11. Ohio Third MER II 2018: 2/9-2/11/18 (Fri.-Sun.) at Cincinnati. You can either register on line or fill out the form on the table by the entrance Contact Juemin Tang for detail. https://tinyurl.com/Ohio3rdMER2.

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Weekly Article






A Honesty Man

"The Lord rewards every man for his righteousness and faithfulness." (1 Sam. 26:23)

Dr. Lee came from a very poor family. Every day after school, he and his five brothers had to make five hundreds of small matchboxes and took them to the match factory to exchange for a little bit of money for living. After he grew up, he went to U.S. to study biostatics. He had to work part time in school in order to send some money home to help his younger brothers who were in colleges. After he graduated from university, he worked in several hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and was as Vice President. One day he received a notice that the company would be close within a month. He asked God to direct his future. In 1988, he took a loan and began an experimental drug testing company in his penthouse. Because of the nature of business, he had to travel around the world to look for cooperation with medical schools to do the drug test. One time when he was about to sign the contract with a university in Taiwan, by surprise, the department head expressed to him that he needed to give him $50,000 for commission. He refused to do so and lost a lot of money. Later he found another university. At the end, God blessed the test and it turned out to be a famous drug test around the world. The previous school lost the opportunity to publish a valuable research paper.

Dr. Lee managed the company well. Within ten years, it became a mid-size company with more than 200 employees. But he decided to use his time to pursue spiritual growth and to serve the church more, so he sold his company. God blessed his sale and the deal was great. A V.P. of a large account company told him that since he started the business with empty hand, he would have tremendous tax burden. He suggested him to transfer his money to Cayman Islands. Mr. Lee refused. He said that Christians should pay tax to the government. A year later, that V.P. was indicted for helping clients to evade tax. He thanked the Lord for saving him from traps.

Today, Dr. Lee travels around Northern America and Asia to give seminars to young Christian entrepreneurs; He teaches them to hold on Biblical principles in doing their business. An honesty man is pleased in Godís sight. To the world, he may seem like a loser, but God will give him reward that is far greater than the material world can give.

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