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本堂主日崇拜程序Order of Compton Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


 Song of Praise




Worship Leader





Worship Leader


Scripture Reading






Worship Hymn



Bro. Ching-Hui Tseng




Offering Sacrifices

and Making A Covenant


Pastor KC Fang


Welcome & Ann.


Worship Leader





Pastor KC Fang

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing

金句: 挪亞為耶和華築了一座壇,在上面焚燒各種潔淨的牲畜和飛鳥作為燔祭。耶和華聞到這燔祭的馨香,心想:「雖然人從小就心存惡念,但我再不會因為人的緣故而咒詛大地,再不會毀滅一切生靈。我與你們立約,不再叫洪水淹沒一切生靈,也不再讓洪水毀滅大地。」(創世記8:20-21,9:11)

Key Verse: Genesis 8:20-21, 9:11

領會: 張同利弟兄

Worship LeaderBro. Tongli Zhang


Pianist: Sis. Jessie Wu

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 2017辛城教會主題:建立家庭的祭壇。七、八月操練:犧牲的祭壇。

2. 主日守望禱告:每主日上午8:30分,六號課室,請來同心禱告。

3. 文化議題講座7/14,7/21,7/28週五晚上7:30 在美聖堂舉行。特定族群教會在普世耶穌基督的教會中,扮演獨特的角色張凱哲傳道將提供簡介有關每個特定族群教會必須知道及面對的文化議題。這講座能幫助特定族群教會在全球化與多元化的情境中,能繼續傳承其特色。

4. 成人主日學浸禮班:凡預備參加九月浸禮的必須參加。上週已開始上課,請向傳道人報名。

5. 聯合禱告會及同工會7/26日週三晚上七時三十分,在本堂舉行。禱告會後舉行同工會。議題:討論教會設立新的兒童事工實習生制度。請弟兄姐妹參加。

6. 愛宴7/30主日崇拜後舉行,謝謝UC校園團契/ West Chester組預備飯食,年輕夫婦組清洗排桌椅,請留步享用在主裏有美好交通。

7. 首次北美中區華人男士退修會8/5 (週六)早上9:30到下午5:00在美聖堂舉行“神國好漢:做一個合神心意的男人”講員:邱清泰博士。詳情請洽湯覺民弟兄。

8. 俄州家新之夜佈道會: 8/6(週日)晚上 7:00 在美聖堂舉行."心法與劍法" 婚姻,家庭,生命。講員:邱清泰博士。詳情請洽湯覺民弟兄。備有兒童節目,請邀請朋友和鄰居參加。

9. 2017恩愛夫婦營9/2-9/4(週六至週一),在哥城機場Days Inn 舉行。報名表在入口桌上或在網上報名https://tinyurl.com/MER2017詳情請洽潘榮勝弟兄。


1. Theme: Build the altar at home. July-August: Altar of Sacrifice.

2. Sunday Prayer: 8:30 AM at Room 6. Come to lift up our church in prayer.

3. Cultural Issues Workshop: 7/14, 7/21 and 7/28 7:30 PM at Mason Church. Ethnic specific churches play a unique part in the global Church of Jesus Christ. This 3-week workshop will provide a basic introduction into the cultural issues that every ethnic specific church must be aware of and must address. This workshop will help ethnic specific churches have generational longevity and relevancy in a globalized and multiethnic context of the 21st century.

4. Adult Sunday School Baptizing Class: If you are planning to get baptized in September, you have to attend this class and it started last week. Please contact minsters for registration.

5. Combine Prayer Meeting and Co-Worker Meeting: 7/26 7:30 PM at Compton. We will have the prayer meeting first, then the co-worker meeting. Topic: discuss about setting up intern system for children ministry. All are welcome to attend.

6. Love Feast: 7/30 after Worship Service. Thanks to UC Campus Fellowship/West Chester Group for meal preparation and Young Couple Group for setting up and cleaning up. Please stay to enjoy fellowship in the Lord.

7. First Chinese Men's Retreat in North American Central Region: 8/5 (Sat.) 9:00 AM -5:00PM at Mason Church.” Heroes in God’s Kingdom: become a man after God’s heart. Speaker: Dr. Qingtai Qiu. Please contact Brother Juemin Tang for detail.

8. Ohio Family Renewal Evangelical Night: On 8/6 Sunday at 7:00 PM at Mason. ”Heart and Sword” Marriage, Family and Life. Speaker: Dr. Qingtai Qiu. Contact Yuemin Tang for detail. Child care will be provided. Please invite your friends and neighbors to attend.

9. 2017 Marriage Enrichment Retreat: 9/2 – 9/4 (Sat. to Mon.) at Days Inn in Columbus Airport area. You can register on-line at https://tinyurl.com/MER2017 or fill out registration form by the entrance. Please see Bro. Ron Pan for more details.

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Weekly Article





True Love

  "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things." (1 Corin. 13:7)

   On the Valentine’s Day, a young couple in courtship, was driving their old used car on a highway. Apparently, the unromantic young man did not prepare a Valentine’s Day present for his sweet heart. They fell into a long silence: no dialogues or talking. He sensed that something was wrong. Finally, the lady asked the young man to pull the car over so that she could get out the car. The young man slowed down the car and parked it at roadside. He turned the emergency blinking light on. He unbuckled his safety belt and reached out to the pocket on his shirt and took out a small piece of card. Right in that moment, a high speed truck collided with his car from the back. The young man was threw to the broken windshield and died immediately. The lady passed out but her life was preserved. When she woke up in the hospital critical unit, she received the bad news about her boyfriend, she wept uncontrollably. At that moment, a policewoman came over and handed her a card which her boyfriend held firmly in his hand before he passed away. With great grief she opened the card, it wrote: “My dearest love, I cannot give you a gift this Valentine’s Day. Because the cheap gift cannot match what you mean to me, and I cannot afford to buy anything expensive. But I want you to know that I love you forever. Without your love, I would rather die.”

   Misunderstanding is often caused by bad communication and suspicion is due to the unbelieving nature of human being; both of them are the killers for interpersonal relationship. The most fundamental problem for human being is sin. Sin is termination and destruction; the termination of communication with God and with other people and destruction of trusting relationship. True love has to face our own sinful tendency, take the initiative to remove misunderstanding and suspicion. For intimate relationship requires constant communication and absolute trust for each other. But we all know that the nature of men is self-centered and we are prone to seek our own interest first. Only when we intentionally humble ourselves and make effort to understand other's needs and intentions, and believe others with positive motives, then we can establish a harmonious relationship. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was God and became a man to communicate His love for us and to restore our relationship with Him. Therefore, we should spend time with Him daily to deepen our relationship with Him and trust Him completely with our lives, and then we can truly enjoy His perfect love.

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