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本堂主日崇拜程序Order of Compton Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


 Song of Praise

#20 天父我神

God of Our Fathers


Worship Leader





Worship Leader


Scripture Reading

箴言 Proverbs





Worship Hymn



Bro. Tom King


Father’s Day Sharing

蘇欣宏弟兄 Paul Su

張國烈弟兄Gary Zhang




A Father’s Gift

士師記Judges 1:11-15


Pastor David Wu


Welcome & Ann.


Worship Leader




Pastor David Wu

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing


Key Verse: Proverbs 22:6

領會: 翁于一弟兄

Worship LeaderBro. Daniel Weng


Pianist: Sis. Jessie Wu

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 2017辛城教會主題:建立家庭的祭壇。五、六月操練:交通的祭壇。

2. 主日守望禱告:每主日上午8:30分,六號課室,請來同心禱告。

3. 婚禮:楊洋傳道與張清琳姐妹定於201792日下午舉行婚禮,歡迎弟兄姐妹和朋友預留時間來見證上帝的愛

4. 中西部夏令會提前報到:為了減少中西部夏令會7/1現場報到的忙碌,辛城教會參加夏令會的弟兄姊妹將提前在6/25主日崇拜後check-in,領取各家相關材料。這樣7/1大家只需在大會現場領取宿舍鑰匙。

5. 首次北美中區華人男士退修會8/5 (週六)早上9:30到下午5:00在美聖堂舉行“神國好漢:做一個合神心意的男人”講員:邱清泰博士。請在6/30前報名。只能在網上報名。https://tinyurl.com/OHIOMER3。詳情請洽潘榮勝弟兄。

6. 2017美聖暑期兒童聖經班 6/18 -6/23每天晚上六點到九點在美聖堂舉行。今晚開始。歡迎邀請三歲至六年級小朋友報名參加。

7. 成人主日學夏季班:每主日上午9:15分夏季成人主日學新季開始上課,歡迎參加。預備參加九月浸禮的,將於7/9開始上課,請向傳道人報名。

8. 聯合禱告會6/28日週三晚上七時三十分,在美聖堂舉行,請弟兄姐妹參加。

9. 7/2日主日崇拜中、英文堂暫停﹕因中西部夏令退修會緣故,7/2日主日崇拜暫停一次,請就近到各教會聚會,或到Cedarville大學參加聚會。

10. 2017恩愛夫婦營9/2-9/4(週六至週一),在哥城機場Holiday Inn 舉行報名表在入口桌上或在網上報名https://tinyurl.com/MER2017。詳情請洽潘榮勝弟兄。


1. Theme: Build the altar at home. May-June: Altar of Fellowship.

2. Sunday Prayer: 8:30 AM at Room 6. Come to lift up our church in prayer.

3. Wedding: Minister Bobby Yang and Sister Coco Zhang will have a wedding ceremony on 9/2 afternoon. They welcome sisters, brothers and friends to reserve your time to attend their wedding to testify God’s love.

4. 2017 MCCA Early Check-In for CCC: In order to reduce the workload of the check-in on 7/1, we will have early check-in after Sunday worship on 6/25. If you have registered, please come to pick up your family package. On 7/1 at Cedarville University, you will only need to pick up the dorm key.

5. First Chinese Men's Retreat in North American Central Region: 8/5 (Sat.) 9:00 AM -5:00PM at Mason Church.” Heroes in God’s Kingdom: become a man after God’s heart. Speaker: Dr. Qingtai Qiu. Please register before 6/30. You only can register on-line at https://tinyurl.com/OHIOMER3. Please see Brother Ron Pan for detail.

6. 2017 Mason VBS: 6:00PM to 9:00 PM from 6/18 to 6/23 at Mason Church. It will start tonight. Please invite children from 3 years old to 6th grade to attend.

7. Adult Sunday School Summer SessionClasses will begin on each Sunday at 9:15am. All are welcome to attend. If you are planning to get baptized in September, you will have to attend Basic Doctrine class which will start on 7/9. Please contact minsters for registration.

8. Combined Prayer Meeting: On 6/28 Wed.7:30 PM at Mason Church. All are welcome to attend.

9. No Sunday Service at Compton Church on 7/2: Due to the MCCA Retreat and there will not be any worship service at Compton. You are welcome to go to Cedarville University, or attend a local church.

10. 2017 Marriage Enrichment Retreat: 9/2 – 9/4 (Sat. to Mon.) at Holiday Inn in Columbus Airport. You can register on-line at https://tinyurl.com/MER2017 or fill out registration form by the entrance. Please see Bro. Ron Pan for more details.

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Weekly Article





A Father’s Love

  "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God." (1 John 3:1)

   When John Crowley was eight years old, his father, a police officer, died in an accident on duty. His mother worked as a secretary and a waitress to raise her children up. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, Georgetown University, and J.D. degree from Notre Dame. Later he received his M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School. In 1998, two of Crowley’s children, Megan and Patrick, were diagnosed with a severe neuromuscular disorder, also called Pompe disease. Generally, patients with this disease by birth will not live pass eight years old. John searched everywhere to find a cure for the disease. He found that the professor Willian Canfield of Oklahoma University had most promised research. In order to save his daughter who was almost eight years old, he quitted his good pay job and took the risk of no medical insurance; he went partnership with the professor to form a biotech research company. In order to fund the new company, he began a campaign to raise $10 million dollars. He received very positive responses and people were well informed about the disease. The new company made a lot of progress that attracted Genzyme, the world’s third largest biotechnology company, and acquired it. In 2001, John was hired as the senior vice president in charge of the Pompe disease program. Under his push, it took only one year that the enzyme replacement therapy was in place for clinical trial. John left Genzyme to ensure that his children would qualify for a drug test without conflicting interest. The result turned out very good. Both his children’s hearts became smaller and great improvement in their muscle strength.

   John Crowley sacrificed his career in order to rescue his children’s lives. Whenever he had time he went home to be with them. He never let children felt that developing a cure medicine is more important than to spend time with them. In fact, even though he lost many job opportunities but gained more rewards. His story was written in a book which became the best seller book in New York Time. Later the story was made into a movie, “Extraordinary Measures”. He was invited twice to run the senator for New Jersey, but he refused. He has received many honorable degrees from universities and was awarded many times by different organizations. As a father, he said humbly, “All I want to do is to live up to what God wants me to be, a good father for my children.”

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