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本堂主日崇拜程序Order of Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


 Song of Praise


Great Is Thy Faithfulness


Worship Leader




Worship Leader


Scripture Reading


Luke 21:5-19


Worship Leader




You are worthy




Worship Hymn


Bro. Ching-Hui Tseng




God Is in Control

Johann Kim博士

Dr. Johann Kim


 Responsive Hymn

#525 愛傳福音

I Love to Tell the Story


Worship Leader


Special Sharing


Ministries in Downton


Sister Cathy Cadle


Welcome & Ann.


Worship Leader




Pastor David Wu

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing


Key VerseLuke 21:13


Worship Leader: Bro. Steven Chen  

司琴 :邱雅倩姐妹

Pianist: Sis. Jessie Wu

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 十月主題: 使萬民做主的門徒。

2. 主日守望禱告:每主日上午8:30分,六號課室,請來同心禱告。

3. 2016教會通訊錄:已完成,請每家拿一份。

4. 2015-2016支持巴拿巴事工信心認獻:將在10/30 截止。若你有參與認捐,請儘快的完成奉獻。

5. 巴拿巴弟兄講座:今天下午4:00-9:00 在美聖堂舉行。備有晚餐,採自由奉獻。請預留時間。

6. 聯合禱告會及同工會10/26日週三晚上7:30分,在美聖堂舉行。禱告會後舉行同工會,尋求通過:1)增加對卡朵兒姐妹房租支持,一年$1,000元,包括所該付的税。2)牧長及傳道人提出對歐士德牧師退休禮物。歡迎大家參加。

7. 福音佈道會10/28 週五晚上6:30在本堂舉行,高牧師主講。備有晚餐。請為這聚會禱告。

8. 校園事工專題講座10/29 週六早上10:00到下午3:30 在美聖堂。高牧師主講。歡迎關心校園事工的弟兄姐妹參加。

9. 安德森團契聚會11/5日週六下午六時,在Calvary Chapel舉行, 講員:詹生和弟兄。歡迎參加。

10. 教堂秋季大掃除11/12日週六上午九點開始,請先預留時間參加。詳情請洽金棟弟兄。

11. 福樂團契聚會11/12日週六上午十時,在美聖堂舉行,講員:張勝吉長老。歡迎邀請年長朋友參加。


1. Church ThemeMake Disciples of All Nations.

2. Sunday Prayer: 8:30 AM at Room 6. Come to lift our church together in prayer.

3. 2016 CCC Directory: It’s finished. Each family please picks up one copy.

4. 2015-2016 Faith Pledge for Barnabas Ministries: It will end on 10/30. If you made a pledge last year, please fulfill your commitment. 

5. Barnabas’ Workshop: Today, 4:00PM -9:00PM at Mason Church, Dinner will be provided with free–will offering. Please reserve your time to attend.

6. Combine Prayer and Co-Worker Meeting: 10/26 Wed., 7:30 PM at Mason. After praying meeting, we will have co-worker meeting to seek approval for two items 1) Increase Cathy Cadle rent support by $1,000 per year to cover the taxes she needs to pay for the support. 2) E/M/D proposal for Pastor Bob's retirement gift. Everyone is welcome.

7. Gospel Meeting: 10/28 Friday evening at Compton. Dinner will be provided. Pastor Ko will be the speaker. Please pray for this meeting.

8. Campus Ministry Workshops: 10/29 Sat.10:00 AM-3:30 PM at Mason. Pastor Ko will be the speaker. Welcome those who care about campus ministry to attend.

9. Anderson Fellowship Meeting: On 11/5 Sat. 6:00 PM at Calvary Chapel. Brother Shenghe Zhan will be the speaker. All are welcome to attend.

10. Compton Church Fall Clean -up: 11/12 Sat. 9:00 AM. Please reserve your time to participate. Contact brother Tom King for detail.

11. Blessing Fellowship Meeting: 11/12 Sat. 10:00AM at Mason church. Elder David Chang will be the speaker. Please invite the elderly friends to attend.

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Weekly Article







Appointing of the Supreme Court Justices

  “God made mankind upright, but men have gone in search of many schemes.” (Eccl. 7:29)

   The United States has a political system that separates powers between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, and these three branches check and balance with each other to avoid dictatorship. But the operations of various branches, not only care about the authority of the Constitution, but also honor God and bring out concepts of equality and freedom from His perspective. However, due to the progressivism which caused by humanism, it made some people to think themselves as elites and they attempted to twist the meaning of the Constitution and abandon God’s value, in order to achieve their lasting ruling purpose. The most obvious example is the judge's ruling on social morality.

   The Supreme Court of the United States consisted of nine judges who were appointed by the President and approved by the Senator. Their responsibility is to adjudicate cases that the Federal Court could not resolve in accordance with the Constitution. Usually those cases that appealed to the Supreme Court involved ideological decisions which were difficult to judge right or wrong. Gradually, the Supreme Court has become the place that defines moral conscience for the society and has the final word in the interpretation of morality. Therefore, the Supreme Court Judges; their position lasts for life, have decisive impacts for the executive and legislative branches. Naturally, they became assistants to president’s policy, and the focus of power struggle between political Parties. For example, Justice Roberts declined to support the opposition from state governments over President Obama's health-care drive; his reason was that election had a consequence, and if you did not like his policy, elected someone else to rule.

   The Supreme Court Justice originally consisted of four conservatives, four liberals and a centrist. But after the death of conservative Justice Scalia this year, the Republican senators refused to agree with the re-appointment of President Obama, who has already appointed two liberal female judges. Besides, three of Judges are over 78 years old. In other words, the next president will be likely to appoint four judges. Progressives know that the impacts of new president will be significant, so they desperately support a liberal presidential candidate.

   Nine Judges can decide the morality of a society; this is not the original intention of our founding fathers and is beyond their imagination that Americans would abandon God and become such low morality state. However, elections still have consequences. Christians should wake up from our apathy, pray for this country, and cast our sacred votes for the good of our next generation.

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