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美聖堂主日崇拜Mason Sunday Worship



Worship Hymns


Weili Yang




An Open Door




Pastor David Wu




Pastor David Wu


Welcome & Anno.


Yangcai Huang




Pastor David Wu

金句:看哪,我在你面前給你一個敞開的門,無人能關的。(啟示錄3:8 )

Key VerseRevelation 3:8b

司琴﹕賴嘉靜(Jiajing Lai)

敬拜團:閻昉,鐘建國,楊 紅,葉柳端。

招待﹕蔡 忠,李小萍,林燕, 向麗。




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Weekly Bulletin


1. 十月主題:使萬民做我的門徒

2. 2016 教會通訊錄定稿校正:這份稿件是印刷前最後修正稿。請到入口,確認你的資料,若正確請打勾,若有錯誤,請在稿上更改。

3. 北美華神課程﹕教會倫理學10/13-10/16(週四到週日)。在美聖堂舉行。教師﹕趙李秀珍老師。課程需25位學員,教會可以提供學生獎學金,鼓勵大家來學習。報名表在入口處。

4. 招待巴拿巴夫婦及Annie:在10/13-10/24 期間,若你想多了解巴拿巴事工與他們吃飯分享,請與黃陽才弟兄聯絡。

5. 事工協調會10/12週三晚上七時三十分,在美聖堂舉行,歡迎同工參加。請事工負責人與小組長務必參加。

6. 蘇文隆牧師來訪10/9 正道神學院分校負責人蘇文隆牧師來訪,有心想進修的弟兄姐妹6:30分在嚴生俊家,有晚餐分享。

7. 姐妹禱告會10/22週六上午九時至中午,在美聖堂舉行,請預備心參加。

8. 巴拿巴弟兄講座10/23下午4:00-9:00 在美聖堂舉行。備有晚餐,採自由奉獻。請預留時間來參加。

9. 聯合禱告會10/26日週三晚上7:30分,在美聖堂舉行。歡迎參加。

10. 校園事工專題講座10/29 週六早上10:00到下午3:30 在美聖堂。高牧師主講。歡迎關心校園事工的弟兄姐妹參加。


1. Church Theme: Make Disciples of All Nations.

2. 2016 Church Directory Final Draft: This is the copy before we print it out. Please check your information again by the entrance. If the data is correct, make a check mark; if you find any mistakes, please make correction over the draft.

3. CESNA Class: Church Ethics. From 10/13 to 10/16 (Thur.-Sun.) at Mason Church. Teacher: Agnes Chiu. This class requires 25 students. Church can provide scholarship for students who have financial need. The registration forms are by the entrance and give the completed form to Paul Su.

4. Fellowship with Brother Barnabas and Annie: If you are interested in knowing more about Barnabas’s ministry and would like to have a meal with Barnabas or Annie, please contact Yangcai Huang.

5. Rev. Wilfred Su Come to Visit: 10/96:30 PM, Logos Seminary branch coordinator Rev. Su will be available to answer your questions about his seminary, if you are interested to study in seminary, please meet him at the the home of Steven Yan. The dinner will be provided.

6. Ministry Coordinating Meeting: Wed. 10/12, 7:30 PM at Mason. All co-workers are welcome to attend. All ministries' coordinators and small group leaders must attend.

7. Sister Prayer Meeting: 10/22, Sat. 9:00AM to Noon at Mason. Please prepare your heart to attend.

8. Barnabas’ Workshop: 10/23, Sunday, 4:00PM-9:00PM at Mason Church, Dinner will be provided with free offering. Please reserve your time to attend.

9. Combine Prayer Meeting: 10/26 Wed., 7:30 PM at Mason. Everyone is welcome.

10. Campus Ministry Workshops: 10/29 Sat.10:00 AM-3:30 PM at Mason. Pastor Ko will be the speaker. Welcome those who care about campus ministry to attend.

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Weekly Article






Be Prepared for the Rainy Day

  “In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.” (Prov. 21:20)

   Strigidae is a small owl that has tender temperament. In Chinese ancient poetry “the Book of Songs”, Binfong chapter, there is a poem that describes a female Strigidae who lost her young but still is busy in building a nest. The bird said: “Before the rain, I will fly to the sycamore tree to get some tree bark to reinforce my nest so that I will not be destroyed by my enemy.” In another ancient book ShangSu, there was a story: After the King Wu passed away, the appointed regent Gong Zhou to take care his family. But the brothers of King Wu were jealous of him, so they spread rumors and said that the regent wanted to take over the king’s position. So Gong Zhou declared that if he did not take actions, he would be dishonored the past king. So he took pre-emptive action and captured all brothers of King Wu. Then He gave that poem to the young king as a hint that he himself was acting like the mother bird that protected her nest. Later, people use the phrase of “reinforcing your nest” as “to be prepared for the rainy day.”

   Starting from 1980s, American companies began switching from traditional pensions plan to self-directed 401(k) or IRA. In another words, everyone has the responsibility for his or her own retirement by saving portions of their income for the future expenses. This seems a good idea that not only can prevent companies to file bankruptcy due to the pensions, but also can reduce government’s burden in Social Security program. However, Americans have very bad spending habit and they can’t resist temptations from material things and they have no concept of saving money. Thirty years later, there are more than half of the whole country population have no saving for their retirements and about only one quarter of families have $50, 000 or more saved. For those who are going to retire in ten years, 40% of them have no saving at all. The bad news is that the Social Security Fund is decreasing rapidly. According to some experts, within 12 to 16 years government expenses in Social Security and Medicare will be far more than that the tax revenues and will result in decreasing benefits. At that time, those who solely depend on the government checks for living will face great difficult financially.

   The Bible teaches us to depend on God, not to depend on unsecure money. It also reminds us that we have to prepare for the unseen future. We have to save some of our income regularly for the retirement and future needs and then give the surplus to the poor. In doing so, we can become a good steward for money that God entrust us.

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