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美聖堂主日崇拜Mason Sunday Worship



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Dominica Yeh




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司琴﹕徐景郁(Rebecca Shu)


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Weekly Bulletin


1. 宣道月主題:使萬民作主的門徒

2. 2016 教會通訊錄定稿校正:這份稿件是印刷前最後修正稿。請到入口,確認你的資料,若正確請打勾,若有錯誤,請在稿上更改。

3. 泰北宣教士巴拿巴夫婦及同工Annie來訪:需要家庭接待他們,也可以分兩個家庭來接待。日期從10/12-10/24。如果您樂意,本堂請洽素琴姐妹,美聖堂請洽黃陽才弟兄。

4. 愛宴﹕今天主日崇拜後舉行,申卓偉及其同工們預備飯食,請留步,與青年挑戰中心的朋友一起來享用及交流。

5. 週三禱告會10/5日週三晚上7:30分,在教堂舉行,請參加禱告服事。

6. 福樂團契聚會10/8日週六上午十時,美聖堂舉行,講員:劉家揚長老。邀請年長朋友參加

7. 北美華神課程﹕教會倫理學10/13-10/16(週四到週日)。在美聖堂舉行。教師﹕趙李秀珍老師。課程需25位學員,教會可以提供學生獎學金,鼓勵大家來學習。報名表在入口處。

8. 事工協調會10/12週三晚上七時三十分,在美聖堂舉行,歡迎同工參加。請事工負責人與小組長務必參加。

9. 姐妹禱告會10/22週六上午九時至中午,在美聖堂舉行,請預備心參加。

10. 美聖堂徵召同工:我們仍需一位負責清潔的同工。請願意參與的弟兄姐妹與湯覺民弟兄聯絡。

11. 巴拿巴弟兄講座10/23下午4:00-9:00 在美聖堂舉行。備有晚餐,採自由奉獻。請預留時間來參加。

12. 校園事工專題講座10/29 週六早上10:00到下午3:30 在美聖堂。高牧師主講。歡迎關心校園事工的弟兄姐妹參加。


1. Mission Month Theme: Make Disciples of All Nations.

2. 2016 Church Directory Final Draft: This is the copy before we print it out. Please check your information again by the entrance. If the data is correct, make a check mark; if you find any mistakes, please make correction over the draft.

3. Host family is needed for our missionary Barnabas, His Wife and co-worker Annie: From 10/12 to10/24. You can host all of them or some of them. If you are interested, please contact Sister Amy Tang at Compton Church and Yangcai Huang at Mason Church.

4. Love Feast: Today after worship service. Thanks to Zuowei Shen and co-workers for meal preparation. Please stay and join friends from Teen Challenge for fellowship.

5. Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 10/5 at 7:30 PM. Please join with others in prayer.

6. Blessing Fellowship Meeting: 10/8, Sat. 10:00AM at Mason church. Elder Chia-Yang Liu will be the speaker. Please invite the elderly to attend.

7. CESNA Class: Church Ethics. From 10/13 to 10/16 (Thur.-Sun.) at Mason Church. Teacher: Agnes Chiu. This class requires 25 students. Church can provide scholarship for students who have financial need. The registration forms are by the entrance and give the completed form to Paul Su.

8. Ministry Coordinating Meeting: Wed. 10/12, 7:30 PM at Mason. All co-workers are welcome to attend. All ministries' coordinators and small group leaders must attend.

9. Sister Prayer Meeting: 10/22, Sat. 9:00AM to Noon at Mason. Please prepare your heart to attend.

10. Mason Recruiting a Co-Worker: We are still looking for a new coordinator for cleaning duties. If you are willing to take this task, please contact Jueming Tang.

11. Barnabas’ Workshop: 10/23, Sunday, 4:00PM-9:00PM at Mason Church, Dinner will be provided with free offering. Please reserve your time to attend.

12. Campus Ministry Workshops: 10/29 Sat.10:00 AM-3:30 PM at Mason. Pastor Ko will be the speaker. Welcome those who care about campus ministry to attend.

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Weekly Article






God’s Grace

  “Much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus, Christ, abound to the many.” (Rom. 5:15)

   Karen Blixen, a famous Danish author who wrote many popular books, wrote a book named “Babette's Feast” which was made into a film by Danish producer and received the Best Foreign Language Film of Academy Award in 1987.

  The story told that three unmarried sisters, after their pastor's father died, they continue to guard the church he founded and to take care of a few old church members. The story flashed back to 14 years ago, a lady named Babette suddenly appeared at the door, with a letter of introduction from a friend who knew the sisters. She said that she was a refugee of the anti-government revolutionaries in Paris and needed protection. They were very happy to receive Babette and let her became their housekeeper. Babette was very diligent in taking care of the house and preparing good meals, and gradually she won the trust of everyone. One day, Babette won a French lottery, a total of ten thousand francs and she decided not to go back to Paris, but to use that money to prepare a feast for them and Church members in return for their friendship. But she did not tell them her decision and just let them see many of expensive materials that she had prepared. These old stereotypes minds thought Babette was too wasteful. They were also afraid that they could not pay their own bills. Therefore they discussed among themselves to use cold faces to deal with. At the banquet, a French guest had endless praises for the food and claimed that it was even better than that in the best restaurant in France. The rest of the people kept silent. Gradually, they began to enjoy the food because it was so tasty. At the end, Babette announced her decision of not returning to Paris and she spent lottery money for this feast. And she was the chef of that best French restaurant. They were surprised and were filled with gratitude.

  The Lord Jesus is like that great chef. He came to our service, but we did not treasure Him. He gave us unconditional sacrifices, but we took them for granted. He wanted us to have unlimited grace, but we wanted to talk about how to pay Him back. We dared not to claim His promises because we did not believe that He would fulfill them and wore a mask to pretend we do not need His help. In fact, He is patiently waiting for us to repent and return to Him.

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