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本堂主日崇拜程序Order of Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


Song of Praise


How Great Thou Art


Worship Leader




Worship Leader


Scripture Reading

約翰福音 151-17



Worship Leader




Join the Song




Worship Hymn


Sis. Shu-ching Lin




Abide in Christ


Elder Jia Yang Liu


Responsive Hymn

#419 藉你賜恩福

Make Me a Blessing


Worship Leader


Welcome & Anno.


Worship Leader




Elder Jia Yang Liu

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing


Key Verse: Galatians 5:22-23

領會: 李安毅弟兄

Worship Leader: Bro. Anyi Li

司琴 : 謝宛琨姊妹

Pianist: Sis. Benita Leung

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 本月主題:成聖與聯合。

2. 主日守望禱告會﹕每主日上午八時三十分,在本堂六號課室,歡迎弟兄姊妹來同心禱告。

3. 聯合禱告會及同工會11/25日週三晚上730,在本堂舉行,議題1) 尋求通過增加萬國同工施凱瑞姐妹的資助,同時作為差派她的母會。2)尋求通過2016 校園團契春季福音營;費用開銷預估$7,500。請弟兄姊妹踴躍參加。


5. UC和邁阿密校園團契:11/27週五晚上查經聚會暫停一次。

6. 成人主日學冬季班12/6日主日9:15開始,報名單下週發出,請踴躍報名。基要真理課程2016元月份開課。凡預備參加四月份浸禮,請向傳道人報名。


8.2016年辛城教會月曆 和每日讀經卡 :如果您要購買,每份兩元,每日讀經卡 一張 $.50。請把金額投入盒中。

9. 支持辛城市區Cathy Cadle事工﹕ 在11/812/13期間請弟兄姊妹捐過冬衣物:大衣,手套,帽子等等。食物如:罐頭,乾糧等送給無家可歸的和單親家庭,請將衣物、食物帶到教堂大堂進口處箱中,再統一送去。謝謝!

10. 2017中西部夏令會徵召同工:辛城教會是主辦教會。早期的準備工作需要很快地啟動。這些工作包括設計手冊、宣傳短片、海報、以及網頁設計。請將這些事工放在你的禱告中。我們也需要更多的弟兄姐妹參與。你如果心裡有感動,請與權克明弟兄聯繫。


1. Monthís theme: Sanctification through Being United with Christ

2. Sunday Prayer: 8:30 AM at Room 6.

3. Combined Prayer Meeting and Co-Worker Meeting: Wed. 11/25, 7:30 PM at Compton Church. Two agendas: 1. Seeking approval for increasing monthly support for an All Nation worker Kara Stuckey and for CCC as her sending church. 2. Seek to approve the $7500 budget for 2016 Campus Fellowship Spring Gospel Camp. Bros and Sis are invited to participate.

4. Thanksgiving Evangelistic Meeting: Thur. 11/26, 6:00 PM at Compton Church. The meeting will begin with a dinner and followed by a message given by Pastor David Wu. Nursery and Childrenís program will be provided.

5. UC and Miami campus fellowships: On 11/27, Friday Night Bible Study is cancelled.

6. Adult Sunday School Winter Quarter: Classes begin on 12/6, 9:15 AM. Registration forms will be ready next week. If you are planning to get baptized in April, you will have to attend Basic Doctrine class which will start in Jan. 2016. Please contact a minister to register.

7. 2015-2016 Mission Pledge for Barnabas Ministries: the need is $60,000. Please ask the Lord that how He wants you to involve in this ministry. Place the filled out pledge card into the offering box.

8. 2016 Calendar: the new calendars ††and Daily Bible Reading cards have arrived. The calendar costs $2 each and the card costs 50 cents . Please place money in the designated box.

9. Cathy Cadle Ministry: From 11/8 to 12/13, we are collecting winter clothing and can goods to help out the homeless or single parent homes in downtown. Coats, gloves, hats, can goods and dry foods are welcome. Please place items in boxes at the church front entrance. Thanks.

10. Recruiting Workers for 2017 MCCA: Our church is in charge of MCCA in 2007. Early stage preparation will be started soon. We need people to design a handbook, a promotion video, posters and web. Please ask the Lord to raise workers to do His tasks. If you feel lead to participate, please contact brother Ke Ming Quan.

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Weekly Article





†† 要解決伊斯蘭國的問題,根本上還是要回教國家都一致起來,檢討回教中的極端教義,將之定位是人類的共敵。光這一點就很難作到。因為人們不肯相信這世界的王魔鬼,才是一切動亂的根源。除非人類歸向真神,不然消滅了這個恐怖份子,還會有另外一個興起來的。

The Terrorists

"For the prince of this world is coming.Ē (John 14:30)

Last Friday, the ISIS terrorists staged coordinated attacks at six locations throughout Paris that killed 130 people and wounded 350 more. At 9:20 PM, during a soccer match between France and Germany, a suicide bomber, who was not able to enter the game, detonated the explosion outside the stadium and killed another person. Five minutes later, masked attackers opened fire in a restaurant in downtown and killed 15 people. Another five minutes later, a second explosion occurred outside the stadium. Five minutes later, five people were shot to death outside a bar. Four minutes later, terrorists opened fire with assault rifles outside a restaurant and killed 19 people. Another four minutes later, a suicide bomber caused explosion in a restaurant and injured several people. At the same time, three attackers opened fire during a rock concert performed by an American band and then took audience members as hostages. After three hours standoff, police units stormed the concert hall and killed one of attackers and the other two attackers killed themselves by detonating suicide belts. 89 people were killed. Those attacks were planned in Syria, recruited and organized in Belgium by the ISIS.

Since 2009, the leaders of Al Qaeda were killed in EUís airstrike, the Islamic States organized by the extremists of Islamic have taken over the ambition of unifying all Muslims under the name of Jihad. They used the opportunity of Syrian President Bashar al-Assadís campaign against opposition forces in the civil war to capture territories and oil fields. They recruited young people who did not satisfy the reality in the capitalism countries and trained them to execute the suicidal terrors. Because of the inconsistence of policy between Russia and U.S. about the stay or leave of Assad, plus the support from Turkey and Saudi Arabia to the Syrian rebels, the issue of resolving ISIS becomes even more complex than ever.

††In order to resolve the ISIS problem, it requires all Islamic nations to unify in viewing of extremist theology as the common enemy of humanity. Humanly speaking it is impossible to the Islam at all, because people do not believe that the king of this world, Satan, is the root of all turmoil. Unless we accept this reality and return to the One True God, we will never be able to overcome the problem. Because when we destroy one terrorist group, there will be another coming up.

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