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本堂主日崇拜程序Order of Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


Song of Praise


Praise Him! Praise Him!


Worship Leader




Worship Leader


Scripture Reading

哥林多後書2 Corinthians

10: 3 – 5


Worship Leader


Worship Hymn


Sis. Jessie Wu




Exercise of Submission


 Pastor David Wu


Responsive Hymn


Trust and Obey


Worship Leader


Special Sharing


J & L


Welcome & Anno.


Worship Leader




 Pastor David Wu

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing

金句:將各樣的計謀,各樣攔阻人認識神的那些自高之事,一概攻破了,又將人所有的心意奪回,使他都順服基督。        (林多後10:5)

Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 10: 5

領會: 李安毅弟兄

Worship Leader: Bro. Anyi Li

司琴: 謝宛琨姊妹

Pianist: Sis. Benita Leung

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 本月主題:成聖與順服。

2. 主日守望禱告會﹕每主日上午八時三十分,在本堂六號課室,歡迎弟兄姊妹來同心禱告。

3. 2015年暑期兒童聖經班報名: 7/29- 7/ 31 (週三至週五),早上九時至下午四時。 主題:Camp Kilimanjaro。歡迎幼稚園到8年級學生参加。每人$3元费用。提供午餐。請上網查詢並報名 www.vbscompton.com 今天7/19)報名截止

4. 2015年暑期兒童聖經班義工培訓會議: 今天(7/19)主日崇拜後12:20分在樓下交誼廳舉行,邀請弟兄姐妹參與VBS的義工服事。備有午餐。

5. 2015年迎接新生事工征召同工:時間飛快轉眼新生已將來到,請弟兄姐妹一齊參與服事他們,在他們最需要的時刻伸出您友誼的手來協助安頓。詳細內容請在進口處桌上有單張填寫,或直接登記張貼在海報上的新生,他們請求接機或住宿的項目。

6. 愛筵7/26主日崇拜後舉行,謝謝建武營團契預備飯食,粵語團契清洗排桌椅,請留步享用,在主裏有美好交通。

7. Jenny Hasler青少年團契女傳道候選人共進晚餐7/26主日晚上5:30分,在美聖堂舉行,請各家帶菜分享,詳情請洽林勇。

8.聯合禱告會暨同工會7/29週三晚上七時三十分,在美聖堂舉行,先禱告會後舉行會議,議題:1)傳道人、長執會確認Jenny Hasler姐妹為我們教會青少年團契部分時間女傳道人的候選人,現尋求同工會通過認可 。請弟兄姐妹參加。

9. 基督家庭專題週末講座7/31-8/1兩天,著名講員:Paul Washer牧師,在Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church 舉行,請向孫永興弟兄事先報名(電話:513-888-0676),講題內容,時間表在大堂進口處。邀請您參加得益處。



1. Month’s theme: Sanctification and Submission.

2. Sunday Prayer: 8:30 am at Room 6. Welcome bros and sis to pray.

3. 2015 VBS Registration : : 7/29-7/ 31 (Wed-Fri), 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. "Camp Kilimanjaro"  Welcome students entering Grades K-8. Camp fee $3. Lunch included. Register at www.vbscompton.com. Deadline is TODAY, 7/19. Volunteers needed! Welcome to invite neighborhood children to attend.

4. 2015 VBS Coworkers Training Meeting: Sun. 7/19, 12:20 pm at Old Fellowship hall. Welcome bros. and sis. to participate in the VBS Ministry.

5. 2015 Welcome New Students Ministry Coworkers Needed: time quickly flies, the new students are coming. Bros and Sis are encouraged to participate in this ministry. During their time of need extend a helping hand and comfort. For further details see forms to complete on the table at the entrance or just right directly on the posters. Airport and temporary guest lodging needed.

6. Love Feast: Sun. 7/26, after Worship Service. Thanks to Kenwood Fellowship for preparing the meal and Cantonese Fellowship for setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Please stay and enjoy the wonderful fellowship in the Lord.

7. Get To Know Female Youth Group Minister Candidate: Jenny Hasler Dinner: Sun. 7/26, 5:30 pm at Mason. Please bring a covered dish to share. For further details, please contact Yong Lin.

8. Combined Prayer and Coworkers Meeting: Wed. 7/29, 7:30 pm at Mason. Start off first with the prayer meeting and then Coworkers meeting. Topic of discussion: 1) Minister and Elders recognize Jenny Hasler as Youth Group part-time female minister candidate and seeking Coworkers approval. Bros. and sis. are welcome to attend.

9. Christian Family Weekend Workshop: 7/31 – 8/1, 2 days at Primitive Baptist Church in Cincinnati. If interested, please contact: Bro. Yongxin Sun and register (Tel: 513 888-0676). For more info please see flyers at the entrance of the sanctuary.

10. Entire Church Teachers Training: Sat. 8/15, 9:00 am till noon at Mason. All teachers of the Bible from Children’s Sunday School to Adults or group leaders please reserve a spot in your calendar to attend.

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Weekly Article







The Party of Matthew

"Then Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at this house." (Matthew 5:29)

"You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes." Winnie the Pooh

A phenomenon of Christians is that when he or she becomes a Christian after a while, all of his or her friends become Christians too, and there later does not have a goal to share the Gospel.  Christian meetings are the same way, often brothers and sisters come together, eat, chat, and are very happy; the children play together and it is a one big happy scene.  Of course, fellowship of believers is very important, but our main mission is to preach the gospel to the nations.  Although we can preach the gospel to strangers, but better still is friendship building that we can do more effective follow-up.  Therefore Christians should constantly take the initiative to make friends and lead people to the Lord.

Before the Apostle Matthew became a believer, he was a licensed to rob tax collector.  Having wild parties with a variety of people eating and drinking, talking about politics and gossip, rising and declining politicians, and how to make money; or else playing cards through the night.  After the Lord Jesus entered his life, everything changed, he began to care for the salvation of his friends.  What did he do? Since he could not invite his friends to a meeting, instead he invited them to his home, so that they could meet the Lord.  As long as someone cares for lost souls, the Holy Spirit would be able to work.  The most important key is that real change of the believer needs to be evident; when people are real and sincere in their faith, this attracts attention, because the world is full of hypocrisy and everyone is longing for the real thing.

In our community, the best way to build friendships is through various activities and methods of evangelism.  A child's birthday party, celebration after a baptismal, holiday celebrations and parties, are all good opportunities.  No matter which way or method, one must never lost focus that the intent is not for oneself, but for sharing the love of God through Christ.  A Christian’s  witness is their personal testimony and experience, something that others cannot refute.  Therefore always be prepared to share what Jesus has done in your life, let Jesus be the center theme in your life.  Just as the apostle Matthew did at his party!

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