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主日崇拜程序Order of Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


Song of Praise

 # 28往行天走

We’re Marching to Zion


Worship Leader




Worship Leader


Scripture Reading


18: 35 – 43


Worship Leader


Worship Hymn


Bro. Ching-Hui Tseng




 The Prayer of Faith


Pastor David Wu


Responsive Hymn

# 481莫把我棄

Pass Me Not


Worship Leader


Welcome & Anno.


Worship Leader


Missionary Video

Cathy Cadle


AV Team




Pastor David Wu

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing

金句: 你們禱告,無論求甚麼,只要信,就必得著 (21: 22)

Key Verse:  Matthew 21: 22


Worship Leader: Bro. Anyi Li


Pianist: Sis. Benita Leung

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 月主題:禱告的信心

2. 使用耳機聽翻譯的弟兄姐妹,請盡量坐在會堂左側(靠近翻譯室),信號更清楚。我們也希望會眾能於崇拜時關閉手機,以減少電波干擾。

3. 接待宣教士娃樂蕊桂住宿4/11-14拜訪教會,若您樂意款待,請與教會辦公室(931-2381)聯絡。

4. 主日守望禱告會﹕每主日上午八時三十分,在本堂六號課室,歡迎弟兄姊妹來同心禱告。

5. 兒童主日學的需要報告2014-15年度,需有4-5位教師參與教學;7/21-25,本堂兒童暑期班需一位總負責聯絡人。

6. 同工會結果﹕通過長老候選人﹕劉家揚,詹生和。通過宣教士張宏源夫婦資助提升為每月350元。並資助IFI 汪君蓉夫婦。

7. 愛筵暨為泰國短宣隊籌款﹕今天主日崇拜後舉行,謝謝建武營團契預備飯食,加利利西團契清洗排桌椅,請留步享用,在主裏有美好交通。扣除食物成本,全數支持2014泰國短宣隊,請踴躍捐獻。

8. 安德森團契聚會4/05 週六晚上六時,在Calvary Chapel 舉行,講員﹕梁坤儀傳道。歡迎邀請朋友參加。

9. 福樂團契聚會4/12日週六上午十點,在美聖堂舉行,請邀請年長朋友參加。備有午餐,講員﹕吳繼揚牧師。

10. 粵語團契聚會4/12日週六下午440分,在本堂舉行,歡迎說粵語朋友參加。

11. 北美華神課程現有十多位報名了﹕修畢八門輔導課,取得證書。第一堂課﹕聖經與家庭。5/15-18日週四至主日,共計20小時。教師﹕黃善華老師。向蘇欣弘弟兄報名。每門課100元,支票抬頭請寫﹕CESNA。需25位才能開課。

12. 2014年恩愛夫妻營﹕營會介紹和報名單在進口處桌上,費用$520詳情請洽宋培康。今日截止報名。


1. This month’s theme: Praying with Faith.

2. Everyone, please turn off cell phones during Worship, so as not to interfere with micro- phone transmission. Those requiring earphones for translation: Please try to sit on the left hand corner (near the translation room) for better reception.

3. Need host for AN Coworker – Valerie Gray:4/11-4/14 If you are interested in hosting her, please contact the church office. 931-2381

4. Sunday Morning Watch and Prayer Meeting: every Sunday morning 8:30 am at Compton, in Room 6. Welcome bros and sis to pray.

5. Important Announcement for Children’s Sunday School: For 2014-2015 school year, we need 4-5 teachers to teach. There is a need for Compton VBS coordinator (7/21-7/25).

6. Outcome of Coworkers Meeting: 1) approval for elder candidates: Chia-yang Liu and Shenghe Zhan- passed; 2) approval for increase of financial support of $350 per month for All Nations Coworker Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jang and support of IFI worker Theresa Jun Smith. Passed

7. Love Feast Fundraising for Thai Team: the funds raised today, after the cost for the food will be used for the Thai team. Thanks to Kenwood Fellowship for food preparation and Galilee West for setting and cleaning up. Please stay and enjoy the fellowship in the Lord.

8. Anderson Fellowship: Sat. 4/5, 6pm at Calvary Chapel. Speaker: Min. Mary Leung. Welcome to invite friends to attend.

9. Blessings Fellowship: Sat. 4/12, 10 am at Mason. Welcome to invite elderly friends to attend. Speaker: Pastor David Wu.

10. Cantonese Fellowship: Sat. 4/12, 4:40 pm at Compton. Welcome to invite Cantonese speaking friends to attend.

11. CESNA: eight topics will be taught in Cincinnati by Abraham Huang, PhD. After completion there will be a certificate. The first topic is The Bible and the Family (5/15-5/18, Thur. to Sun. 20hrs.). Please contact Bro. Paul Su for details. Each class is $100, please make check out to CESNA.

12. .2014 Marriage Enrichment Camp: registration forms. Forms are located on the table near the entrance. Each couple $520. Please see Bro. Peter Song for further details. Deadline for registration is 3/30

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Weekly Article










 The Effective Prayer

  “Then he put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God.” (Luke 13:13)

   Prayer is a quite easy, as long as your heart is towards God, even if you do not open your mouth you can pray.  Prayer is also a very difficult thing, because many times there are no results to prayer.  The so-called effective prayer does not refer to praise and worship towards God, or giving thanksgiving, but a prayer of supplication, which God would hear.  How can our prayers be effective?

1. Understand your need - we must first understand our own situation; if we have no relationship with God, He will not listen; because prayer is the privilege of the children of God, and also a way of communication between Father God and His people.  If one refuses to repent of sins, his prayer is of no effect (Psalms 66:18).  Because sin is a barrier between God and man.  Also if there is no real need, then the request is a waste of God's grace, and God will not listen (James 4:3).

2. Earnest and sincere pleading - throughout the Bible an effective pray comes out of pleading from crisis.  God gives us plenty of wisdom and ability, to make right and logical decisions, however people prefer to do it themselves and leave out God.  God wants to establish a permanent relationship between us and Him.  When a crisis occurs, He allows it so that people must rely on His help and return to Him.  Therefore, when we cannot rely on own power to resolve difficulties, we naturally will earnestly call on God.

3. Praying according to God’s will in prayer - we tend to think that prayer centers on ourselves; actually it does not, it should be centered on God. If we rely on ourselves, we do not need to pray. But when our heart is aligned with God's will, He will listen to our prayers and answer them. Therefore, prayers should be in accordance with the promises in the Bible or as the Holy Spirit impresses us.  God receives all the glory is the ultimate goal of prayer.  It is not so that we can enjoy grace, but that God receives all the glory (John 17:1).  If you are relying on our own in part, then God only receives glory in part alsoTherefore, we must wholly believe in God, because He alone is Lord.  It also showcases God's grace and power, so that others may turn towards God.

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