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主日崇拜程序Order of Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


Song of Praise

#16 讚美!讚美

Praise Him! Praise Him!


Worship Leader




Worship Leader


Scripture Reading

詩篇1031 – 5

Psalm 103: 1 – 5


Worship Leader


Worship Hymn


Sis. Jessie Wu




Having the Mind of Christ-

Patience and Kindness

 Pastor Bob Altstadt


Responsive Hymn


Have Thine Own Way, Lord


Worship Leader


Welcome & Anno.


Worship Leader



Pastor Bob Altstadt

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing


Worship Leader: Bro. Bob Han



Pianist: Sis. Tammy Tan

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Weekly Bulletin




3.追思禮拜﹕王程儀貞老姊妹追思禮拜9/28日周六上午930分,Spring Grove, Norman Chapel,請您參加。

4.購買UC聚會點的提案﹕目前有一間教堂出售,經委員會多次商討後決議,送交牧長會决定,定在9/2910/6主日下午3:00-4:00pm,請弟兄姊妹前去教堂勘查,10/13主日下午兩點,在本堂召開全教會咨詢會,以便決定如何處理。請為此事切切代禱。教堂地址﹕631 Devotie Ave. Cincinnati,OH 45225

5.萬國會眾(英文堂)秋季退修會9/27-29日在Kings Mill9/29沒有主日崇拜,請青少年家長關注。



8. 聯合禱告會9/25日週三晚上730分,在美聖堂舉行,請參加禱告服事。

9. 愛筵9/29日主日崇拜後,謝謝建武營團契預備飯食,UC校園團契負責清洗排桌椅,請留步享用,在主裡有美好的交通。



1. This month’s theme: Be patient and kind.

2. Sunday Morning Watch and Prayer Meeting: every Sunday morning 8:30 am at Compton, in Room 6.

3. Memorial Service: for Mrs Wang who went home to be with the Lord on 9/16. Sat. 9/28, 9:30am Visitation Service at Norman Chapel, Spring Grove Cemetery. Please attend.

4. Possible Meeting Place for UC Fellowship: After many discussions the search committee decided that the final decision should be with the E/M members. On Sun 9/29 or 10/6, 3-4pm, we ask bros and sis to inspect it. On Sun. 10/13, 2pm we will have an entire church town hall meeting at Compton on a decision and course of action. Please fervently pray on this matter. The address of the church is 631 Devotie Ave. Cinti. OH 45225.

5. All Nations Fall Retreat: 9/27-9/29 at Kings Mills Retreat Center. No Worship Service here on 9/29. Parents take note.

6. Missions Committee Announcement: All Nations Coworker Mark Jiang has urgent need for monthly increase to $350 a month to be determined and discussed in Oct Coworkers Meeting.

7. Chinese Worship Schedule Change: Beginning Sun. Oct. 6 Service will change 10:45am -12noon. Children will join ANC’s Praise and Worship 9:15 to 9:45am, Children’s church from 9:45 to 10:30 am. Children’s Sunday School will be from 10:45 am till 11:45 am. Parents please take note of the schedule change.

8. Combined Prayer Meeting: Wed. 9/25, 7:30pm at Mason. Please attend this prayer ministry.

9. Love Feast: after Worship Service on Sun. 9/29, thanks to Kenwood Fellowship for preparing the food and UC fellowship cleaning up afterwards. Please stay and enjoy the wonderful fellowship in the Lord.

10. Miami University Church Bus Driver Needed: every other week ,after taking them shopping there is Chinese Worship Service. If you’re interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Bro. Paul Su.

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Weekly Article








  "Give, and it will be given to you." (Luke 6:38)

   Several days ago, in Greenfield, Wisconsin, a young boy walked into a police department, took a plastic bag out of his backpack, and handed it over to the clerk.  He told the clerk, he wanted to donate the money to the police.  Then, before the clerk could ask for his name, he walked away.  The total amount of money was only $10.03.  It was not the size of the donation, but the size of the donor that made a big impact.  Two days later, after giving the surveillance video to the local TV station, the police found out that the donor was an 11 years old boy named Max Siepert.  Nobody encouraged him to do it, he just did it by good intentions.  He had saved the money from doing odd jobs and from a talent show in his backyard.  He told the news reporter that he learned about 9/11 from school, in social studies class, and that many policemen were killed while helping others.  His grandfather was a policeman who was killed in a squad car crash in 1974.  He said he just wanted to do something for the police.

   Max Siepert just did what he was supposed to do; help people who help others.  He told the news reporter: “I was happy for I did and why I did it, because one day it’s going to make a difference.  Maybe not a really big difference, but at least it’s something,” Truly, we all have the ability to help others.  It depends on whether we are willing to do so. Our good deeds can inspire others to do good as well.

   One night, a composer was strolling down a street and saw a girl sitting in front of a dilapidated piano.  He came closer and found that she was a blind.  Out of pity, he asked the girl whether he could accompany her.  With her permission, he sat down and began to play a song.  When the soft moonlight shined through a window over them, the composer was inspired and played a beautiful song.  He got up and rushed home to write down the music and it becomes the most famous “Moonlight Sonata”, Beethoven’s masterpiece.

   One good deed through God given grace becomes a blessing to many people.  If we keep our talents or resources to ourselves, it will only satisfy ourselves.  If we are willing to share with what we have to others, God can use our offering to benefit many people.  Are you willing to offer what is yours to God and let God multiply it, so that others may enjoy what you have?  The choice is yours today.   

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