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主日崇拜程序Order of Sunday Worship



Call to Worship


Worship Leader


Song of Praise


All Hail the Power


Worship Leader




Worship Leader


Scripture Reading

路加福音2:41 - 52

Luke 2:41- 52


Worship Leader


Worship Hymn

金 棟弟兄

Bro. Tom King




Be about the Father’s business


Pastor David Wu


Responsive Hymn


Living for Jesus


Worship Leader






Pastor David Wu


Welcome & Anno.


Worship Leader




Pastor David Wu

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing

金句: 耶穌說:為甚麼找我呢?豈不知我應當以我父的事為念麼(或作:豈不知我應當在我父的家裡麼)路加福音2: 49 )

Memory Verse: Luke 2: 49


Worship Leader: Bro. Bob Han


Pianist: Sis. Jessie Wu

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 月主題以父的事為念。

2. 主日守望禱告會﹕每主日上午八時三十分,在本堂六號課室,歡迎弟兄姊妹來同心禱告。

3. 廁所施工中﹕請暫時使用體育館的廁所;家長請提醒孩童注意告示和安全,不方便處請見諒,謝謝。

4. 與欣得道夫婦吃午餐聚完會China Garden Buffet 1108 W Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240吃飯。自費。

5. 7/22-26暑期兒童聖經班開始報名﹕從今日起接受報名,報名單在進口處桌上,6/30日截止,請邀請孩子來參加。

6. 安德森團契聚會5/11日週六晚上六時,在Calvary Chapel舉行,歡迎邀請當地朋友參加。講員﹕方冠傑傳道。

7. 粵語團契聚會5/11日週六下午445分,在本堂舉行,歡迎您邀請說粵語的朋友參加。

8. 長執會5/11日週六下午130分,在本堂舉行,請牧長傳道人,各堂執事參加,請為會議代禱。

9. 福樂團契春遊5/18日週六上午十一時,先在美聖聚會及午餐,中午後到空軍博物館,歡迎您邀請年長朋友參加。


11. 2013年中西部夏令會開始報名7/4-7/7日在Cedarville大學舉行,歡迎全家參加,填妥後請交給蘇欣弘弟兄。今年主題﹕為真道打美好的仗。

12. 婚禮請帖﹕吳學忠、姬吟夫婦邀請您參加他們的女兒吳以斯的婚禮,6/22日中午十二時在美聖堂舉行。請上網登記﹕http://matthew-esther.ourwedding.com/


1. This month’s theme: Be about the Father’s business.

2. Sunday Morning Watch and Prayer Meeting: every Sunday morning 8:30 am at Compton, in Room 6.

3. Bathroom Renovation: please use the restrooms in the gym for now. Parents please remind your children for safety. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your cooperation.

4. Lunch with J & L: at China Garden Buffet 1108 W Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240 after the service. Self-funded

5. 7/22-7/26VBS Registration: starts TODAY. The sign-up sheet is located on the table at the entrance. Deadline is 6/30. Please invite the children to attend.

6. Anderson Fellowship: Sat. 5/11 at Calvary Chapel. Welcome to invite friends to attend. Speaker: Min. KC Fang.

7. Cantonese Fellowship: Sat. May 11, 4:45pm at Compton. Welcome to invite Cantonese speaking friends to attend.

8. Ministers/Deacon Meeting: Sat. 5/11, 1:30pm at Compton. Please pray for the ministers, deacons, and the meeting.

9. Blessing Fellowship Field trip: Sat. May 18, 11am at Mason. After the meeting and lunch, they will go to the Air force museum. Welcome elderly friends to attend.

10.  2013 Summer Musical Try-outs: for singing and acting will be on Fri. May 17, 7:45pm at Mason. For the children interested in participating, please be on time. If you are not able to make it you must notify Sis. Jean Wu.

11.  2013 MCCA Summer Retreat: for 7/4-7/7 at Cedarville U. The whole family is invited to attend. Please give filled out forms to Bro. Paul Su.    Topic: “Fight the good fight of Faith.”

12. .Wedding Invitation: Bro Simon and Sis. Jean Wu has an open invitation to the church for their daughter Esther’s marriage at Mason on Sat. June 22, 12 noon. Please RSVP online at: http://matthew-esther.ourwedding.com/

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Weekly Article







Share with One Another

  “Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted, He did the same with the fish.” (John 6:11)

  A minister went to his newly assigned parish to serve.  He noticed that the former pastor planted a lot of tulips in the garden in the front of the church.  The various colors of flowers were very beautiful.  However, when the school kids in the neighborhood came over to pick flowers at the end of day, almost nothing left.

   So the pastor got up early in the morning, and stood by the garden.  When the kids came, one of them asked: “Can I have a flower?”  “Of course!  Which one you want?”  The pastor answered.  The boy looked around and chose one blooming red tulip.  The pastor then said: “Okay, this one is yours.  I will mark it by placing a pebble in front of it.  Now, you can pick it right away and let it wither, or you can leave it here for two or three weeks and enjoy its beauty.  During the mean time, you can let others know that this one is yours.  Which way do you want?”  The kid thought for a while and said: “I want to leave my tulip here.  I will come back later to take a look at it.”  Then a number of kids came by and asked for flowers and got the same choice.  They all wanted to leave their flowers in the garden.  Later that afternoon, when the kids got out of school, they all came to the garden and appreciated their flower.  They made comparisons as to which flower was better than the other.  That spring, the pastor gave away all of the tulips and did not waste a single flower.  Not only that, he made many good friends, some even came to his Sunday School at church.   

   Jointly owned by everyone means that all can enjoy it, but privately owned by individuals means that few can enjoy it.  In society, if everyone shares what he has, we can all enjoy greater blessing.  In the same way, God gives us many spiritual gifts, that we should contribute by service to the church.  If we come to church and all we think about is gain instead of giving, in the end, nobody is willing to participate and everyone loses.  One’s spiritual gifts will decrease, but using it to serve others will increase.  Just like the little boy who had the five loaves of bread and two fishes, if he kept them for himself, only his family would be fed, but in Jesus’ hand more than five thousand people were fed.  We should all participate in contributing our gifts of service, so that we can appreciate each other, like appreciating a blooming flower garden, how beautiful that will be.

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