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約翰福音9: 17

John 9: 1- 7


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Bro. Jackson Leung




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Minister Mary Leung


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# 401為主而活

Living for Jesus


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Minister Mary Leung

*會眾請站立Congregation Standing

金句:  趁著白日,我們必須作那差我來者的工;黑夜將到,就沒有人能作工了。9: 4

Memory Verse: John 9: 4


Worship Leader: Bro. Guochang Fan


Pianist: Sis. Benita Leung

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Weekly Bulletin




1. 主日守望禱告會﹕每主日上午八時三十分,在本堂六號課室,歡迎弟兄姊妹來同心禱告。

2. 姊妹禱告退修會﹕八月十八日週六上午十一時至下午四時,請預備心來參加,地點:唐慧瑩姊妹家,讀經的經文﹕詩篇119156節。

3. 事工協調會﹕八月十九日主日崇拜後1230分舉行,請事工負責人和團契、小組負責人務必參加,備有午餐。

4. 邁阿密大學需要同工幫助週五晚點心﹕若您願意參與邁阿密大學福音事工,週五晚提供點心,請您與嘉昕師母聯絡。謝謝。

5. 迎新特別聚會8/25日週六晚上六時,在本堂舉行,歡迎邀請新朋友參加。備有豐盛晚餐,節目,UC地區有車接送。

6. 暑期兒童音樂劇演出﹕八月二十五日週六晚上七時,在美聖堂舉行,歡迎您邀請朋友闔家參加。當天請家長於下午245分準時送孩子到教會排練。

7. 校園事工歡迎新生的服務﹕新生接機和住宿需要已經張貼在大堂入口處,請您填寫合適的時間服事,謝謝您的參與讓2012年的新生享受到上帝的愛和祝福。

8. 市區宣教士Cathy Cadle﹕需要兩個雙人床,一衣櫃,如果您願意捐出,請與辦公室聯絡。謝謝。

9. 提醒大家注意﹕離開教會前,請記得關教室窗戶。謝謝合作。

After entering the Sanctuary, please quietly be seated and turn off your cell phone to prepare your heart for Worship


1. Sunday Morning Watch and Prayer Meeting: every Sunday morning 8:30 am at Compton’s Rm. 6.

2. Sisters Prayer Retreat: will be on Sat. 8/18, 11am to 4pm. Please prepare yourself to attend. Meeting place will be at Sis. Grace Su’s home. Scripture reading – changed: Psalm 139: 1-56.

3. Ministry Coordination: will be on Sun. Aug. 19 after Worship Service. Those responsible for ministry, fellowship, small group leaders please attend.  Lunch will be provided.

4. Miami U Campus Ministry: needs a coworker to bring refreshments to their Fri. night meeting. Please contact: Mrs. Rebecca Wu if interested. Thanks

5. Welcome Newcomers Meeting: will be on Sat. 8/25, 6:00pm at Compton. Welcome new friends to attend. There will be sumptuous meal, program, and transport to and from UC.

6. Children’s Summer Musical: will perform on Sat. Aug. 25, 7:00pm at Mason. Welcome to invite friends to attend. Parents: please send your child to the church at 2:45 pm to practice.

7. Campus Welcome New Students Ministry: Airport pickup and Housing information poster is on display at the entrance to the sanctuary. Please fill out time available to serve. Thanks for participating in the 2012 Welcome New Students ministry to share God’s love and blessing with them.

8. Downtown Missionary: Cathy Cadle: needs 2 full sized beds, and a dresser. If are willing to donate, please contact the church office. Thanks.

9. Church Reminder: Please remember to close the classroom windows before leaving church. Thanks.

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Weekly Article










 How shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation?(Heb. 2:3)

   Years ago, the French Health Department Minister was charged with negligence of releasing contaminated blood which caused many people to have AIDS, including several children.  He had to resign in order to take the responsibility.  

   In our lives, we have many moments of negligence.  Sometimes it results in an inconvenience, such as forgetting the door key, or forgetting to buy things etc.  Sometimes it results in missing an opportunity, such as investing in stocks, promotion to a higher position, etc.  Sometimes it can result in a fatal tragedy, such a death caused by going through a traffic light, or drowning in deep waters, etc. Most of time, being negligent can be avoided, if we are careful and pay attention to everything.

   Dear Friend, are you satisfied with your life?  Do you get what you pay for?  Do you live under pressure of unemployment?  Do you admire someone else’s’ lifestyle?  Do you worry about your health?  When lying on bed every night, do you feel that you have lost your direction?  This is due to neglecting the needs of your soul.  Our soul needs spiritual things just like our bodies need material things.  Our physical body and materials are temporal, but our soul and spirit are eternal.  One can never use temporal or material things to satisfy the needs of an eternal soul.  It is just a temporary numbing of the needs of the soul.

   Spiritual satisfaction starts from knowing ones limitations and the willingness to turn to an unlimited God.  It is not necessary to transcend oneself, but to receive a new life, so we can have a renewed life.  This is the purpose that God has set out for man since the beginning.  The first step to receiving salvation is to have faith, so that our lost soul can receive comfort by returning to an eternal home.

   Friend, are you truly filling the needs of your soul?  Open your heart and invite Jesus Christ into your heart today, and become a child of God.  Please do not ignore such a great salvation!

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