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Mason Sunday Worship Service



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Jean Wu



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The Renewed Life



Pastor David Wu




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Pastor David Wu


金句: 不要彼此說謊;因你們已經脫去舊人和舊人的行為,穿上了新人。這新人在知識上漸漸更新,正如造他主的形像。西3: 9-10

Memory Verse:  Colossians 3: 9-10


敬拜團﹕胡華,林行義 胡晓杰,楊紅


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Weekly Bulletin




1. 成人主日學﹕每主日上午九時三十分上課,分三班﹕但以理書班,希伯來書班,基要真理班,歡迎弟兄姊妹參加。

2. 美聖堂基要真理班:(受洗前後班)將在2/19成人主日學時間開始.  歡迎想要接受洗禮的,或是想要重新復習基督信仰的弟兄姊妹,歡迎報名參加

3. 愛筵今日崇拜後舉行,謝謝譚紅軍弟兄及其同工預備飯食,鐵塔村、湖泊莊負責清掃。請留步享用,在主裡有美好交通。

4. 週三禱告會﹕二月十五日週三晚上八時,在教堂舉行,歡迎弟兄姊妹參加禱告服事。

5. 姊妹禱告退修會﹕二月十八日週六上午十一時至下午四時,在美聖堂舉行,請預備心參加。若有甚么問題請跟吳師母聯絡﹕(513858-3490

6. 新通知福樂團契聚會因為昨天下雪的緣故,聚會改為二月二十週六上午十時,在美聖堂舉行,歡迎邀請年長朋友參加,講員﹕詹生和弟兄。備有午餐。

7. 2012年台灣短宣隊﹕今年七月七日至十四日暑假期間將組成一台灣短宣隊,參與Send 宣教機構到台灣服事,隊長魏仲蓴弟兄,目前正在徵召隊員,若有感動參與短宣隊的請與他或Shawn Isaacs報名。

After entering the Sanctuary, please quietly be seated and turn off your cell phone to prepare your heart for Worship

Mason Announcements

1. Adult Sunday School: 9:30 am on Sundays. There are 3 classes: Book of Daniel, Hebrews, Basic Christian Belief. Welcome bros and sis to attend.

2. Mason Basic Christian Belief Class: (pre and post Baptism class) will begin on 2/19 same time as Adult Sunday School. Welcome all bros and sis thinking about being baptized or would like to review Basic Christian Belief. Welcome to register and attend.

3. Love Feast: TODAY, after Worship Service. Thanks to Bro. Hongjun Tan and bros and sis for food preparation and Iron Tower Village and Lake Village for setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Please stay and enjoy the wonderful fellowship in the Lord.

4. Wed. Night Church Prayer Meeting: will be on Wed. Feb. 15, 8:00 pm at church. Bros and Sis are welcome to attend this prayer ministry.

5. Sisters Prayer Retreat: will be on Sat. Feb. 18, 11:00 am till 4:00 pm at Mason. Please prepare your heart to attend. If you have any questions please contact: Mrs. Rebecca Wu (513) 858-3490.

6.UPDATE: Blessing Fellowship Meeting: due to the snow yesterday, they will meet on Sat. Feb. 25, 10:00 am at Mason church. Welcome to invite the Elderly to attend. Speaker: Bro Shenghe Zhan. Lunch will be provided.

7. 2012 Taiwan Short Term Missions Team: will be leaving July 7 to 14 in cooperation with Send International missions. Bro. Jim Wei will be the team leader. They are currently seeking team members. If you are interested in participating in this team, please register with him or Shawn Isaacs.

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Weekly Article






The Harvard Kid


  And we know that his testimony is true.” (John 21:24)

   With several breakout games, Jeremy Lin the Harvard graduate has become the NBA’s newest sensation. It seems that coming from nowhere, within just five days, he has earned more than 60,000 Twitter followers and the numbers keep growing.

   Jeremy Lin is an American born Chinese, his parents were from Taiwan, and he grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Jeremy’s father liked to play basketball with his three boys. Jeremy is the middle one. He happens to be the tallest one, 6 feet 3 inches. He led his high school team to the State Division title with a 32-1 record. However, he did not get a scholarship from his favorite school, Stanford University, instead he got accepted by Harvard. He studied Economics and minored in Sociology. During his college years, he also led his team to many wins and ended his record there by being the first player in the history of the Ivy League to score 1,450 points. However, after he graduated from Harvard, he did not get drafted by the NBA. He was picked by the Dallas Mavericks to play their secondary Summer League. Later on he signed on with his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. Whenever, he showed up to the court, the Asian-American crowd would chant for him. He was too hard on himself and was frustrated that he was not able to concentrate and play ball. He ended up by being a benchwarmer for a year. By the end of 2011, Jeremy signed up with New York Knicks. That is a new beginning of his NBA career.

   Jeremy is a devoted Christian. When he wins a game, the news reporters ask him to say something, he always replies that he thanks God first. In one interview with GoodTV in Taiwan, he said that during the lowest moment of his career, he prayed to God and realized God’s fingerprints were all over his life, and all he needed to do was trust in Him. He claims that he experiences God’s presence many times and it gives him great peace during the game. He draws strength within everyday by keeping himself connected with God. He wants to be a pastor after his basketball career. He even started a summer children basketball camp in Taiwan, and drew many young people to learn how to play ball and believe in God. Although Jeremy just started his NBA career, he has already determined to set God first. Everything he does is not for money, fame or extravagant life style, but to glorify God.

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