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Weekly Bulletin




1. 主日守望禱告會﹕每主日上午八時三十分,在本堂六號課室舉行。

2. 歡送劉靖華、鳳生夫婦﹕訂於今日傍晚五時三十分,在本堂舉行,請各家帶菜,一同享用並他們分享見證神的帶領。

3. 基要真理班﹕今天九時十五分,已經開始上課,請為預備受洗的弟兄姊妹和教師嘉昕師母代禱。十月二日將舉行浸禮。

4. 生命踫撞DVD已經送到﹕請登記的到辦公室領取,每份成本價$6元,若願意仍可自由奉獻,支持他們拍攝的事工。

5. 中文夏令營7/25-29日地點﹕美聖教堂舉行,歡迎三歲至七年級學生參加,上午九時至五時三十分,費用報名費用$175詳情請洽葉柳端姊妹。

After entering the Sanctuary, please quietly be seated and turn off your cell phone to prepare your heart for Worship


1. Sunday Morning Watch and Prayer Meeting: every Sunday morning 8:30 am at Compton’s Rm. 6.

2. Farewell gathering for Jim and Francis Liu: TODAY, 5:30 pm at Compton. Every family, please bring a covered dish for the potluck and there will be sharing and testimonies given by them.

3. Basic Faith Essentials Class: class began TODAY at 9:15 am. Please pray for those planning on baptism and their teacher Mrs. Rebecca Wu. Baptism will be in October.

4. Life Crash Dvd: Those that have signed up, please pick it up at the church office. They are $6 each. If you are willing to donate their film ministry, you may do so freely.

5. Chinese Language Summer Camp: Date of camp: 7/25-7/29. Place: Mason Church. Welcome 3yrs old to 7th graders to attend. 9am to 5:30pm. Fee: $175. Contact Sis. Dominica Wei for further details.

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Weekly Article



星期天的下午,在一架小飛機上,除了駕駛員外,還有一位醫生,一位律師,一位牧師和一個男孩。突然飛機的引擎出了問題,駕駛員努力的想控制好,讓它安全降落,但是任何的掙扎都無效。最後,駕駛員只好宣布,大家帶上降落傘,準備放棄飛機。在一陣忙亂之後,駕駛員已經示範如何打開傘而先離去,剩下的人才發現,只有三個降落傘。醫生抓住一個降落傘說﹕「我是醫生,拯救人性命的,所以我得活下去!」就跳了出去。律師也抓住一個降落傘說﹕「我是律師,世界上最聰明的一等人,所以我應當活下去!」也跳了出去。最後,那牧師看著男孩說﹕ 「孩子,我已經過了很好的一生;你還年輕,前面的路長著呢。把這降落傘拿去,平安的活著罷!」那男孩從容的說﹕「不要擔心!剛才那世界上最聰明的人,拿走的是我的背包!」



I Am Third

 God will save the downcast. (Job 22:29)

   One Sunday afternoon, a doctor, a lawyer, a little boy, and a priest took a flight on a small plane. Just as everyone seemed to be enjoying the flight, suddenly the plane’s engine developed trouble. In spite of the best efforts of the pilot to save the plane, it started going down. Finally, the pilot grabbed a parachute, yelled to the passengers that they had better prepare to jump. After a moment of scrambling, the pilot demonstrated how to use the parachute and left. Then the four passengers found out that they had only three parachutes remaining. The doctor grabbed one and said: “I’m a doctor, I save lives, so I must live.” And jumped out. The lawyer then said: “I’m a lawyer and lawyers are the smartest people in the world, I deserve to live.” He grabbed a parachute and jumped. The priest looked at the little boy and said: “My son, I’ve lived a long and full life. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Take the last parachute and live in peace.” The little boy handed the parachute back to the priest and said: “Not to worry, Pastor. The smartest man in the world had just taken off with my back pack.”

   Pride and selfishness are the main reasons of humanity’s fall. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve wanted to have God-like wisdom to satisfy their own desires, and turned against God’s will, which caused the world to be polluted of sin. Today’s people have “no heart for God, and eyes that see no one”. They let their selfish desires rule their world. They don’t know the benefit of humility and sacrifice for humanity. They care only for gain of this world, and overlook the value and importance of eternity.

   There was a young man who was very diligent and warmhearted to others. He was very popular among his peers. One of his friends visited him and saw a homemade plaque in his room with the words: “I Am Third” written on it. His friend asked him what it meant, and he replied: “It is the motto I try to use in my life, which means: “God is first, Others are second, and I am third.” No matter what we do, the first goal is to glorify God. Secondly, we should take into consideration the needs and pleasures of others. With our own pleasures subordinated, we will truly be the humble servants of God.  

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