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Resurrection Sunday

April 24th 2011

He is Risen!  He is risen indeed!

*Congregation Hymn 讚美詩

                              Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Children’s Message 兒童信息

(Child 5th grade and younger come to the front and they will leave with Uncle Luke after the message)

Adult and Youth Choirs 詩班

          Wondrous Cross/When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

          Risen!/Christ the Lord is Risen Today/Easter Song

*Congregational Reading 讀經

                              路加福音Luke 24:1-8

Worship 敬拜詩歌

                    Lord I Lift Your Name on High 主我高舉你的名

                    Stronger 你更有大能

                    How Great is Our God 我神何偉大

Message 信息         祂不在這裡

                              He Is Not Here

Welcome 歡迎

*Doxology 三一頌

*Benediction 祝禱

*會眾請站立 Congregation Standing

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Weekly Bulletin


1. 愛筵﹕今天復活節主日聯合崇拜後舉行,謝謝安德森團契,粵語團契為我們預備。歡迎留步享用,在主裡有美好交通。

2. 聯合禱告會4/27日週三晚上七時三十分,在本堂舉行,邀請弟兄姊妹參與禱告服事。

3. 2011年暑期兒童音樂劇﹕於4/29日舉行試演試唱會,歡迎所有孩子參加,詳情請洽賴姬吟姊妹。

4. 春季大掃除4/30日週六上午九時三十分,舉行春季大掃除,請參加。各主日學教室或各事工有物品保留在課室或儲存室裡的,請弟兄姊妹在大掃除日來清掃整理,以免被丟。

5. 青少年團契社區服務4/30週六上午1130200時,在Matthew 25 Ministries (11060 Kenwood Rd. OH 45242)請與張凱哲傳道聯絡。

6. CIY暑期退修會﹕於6/13~6/18在印州Anderson大學舉行,歡迎進入九年級至十二年級的學生參加。提前優惠報名$269元,正常報名時間$304元,請於4/30日前預先付支票五十元,當作提前報名定金,請與張凱哲傳道聯絡。

7. 青少年傳道候選人﹕聘牧委員會及牧長們推薦Shawn Issacs為候選人,歡迎弟兄姊妹用每週五晚上九時四十五分後與他見面,五月七日週六晚上六時,在美聖堂有各家帶菜分享聚會,請來參加並為Shawn 和我們尋求神的帶領切切禱告。


1. Love Feast: will be after Today’s combined Easter Sunday Service. Thanks to Anderson Fellowship for preparing the food and the Cantonese Fellowship for setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Welcome to stay and enjoy the fellowship in the Lord.

2. Combined Prayer Meeting: will be on Wed. 4/27, 7:30 pm at Compton. Bros and Sis are welcome to serve in the prayer ministry.

3. 2011 Summer Musical: a try-out will be on 4/29. Welcome to invite your children to attend. Contact Sis. Jean Wu for further details.

4. Spring Clean-Up: will be on Sat. 4/30, 9:30 am. Please attend. All classrooms need to be straighten out by keeping or throwing out items by their associated ministries. Thus every bros and sis who uses the classrooms should come.

5. Youth Group Community Service: will be on Sat. 4/30, from 11:30am to  2pm at Matthew 25 Ministries (11060 Kenwood Rd. OH 45242) Please contact Min. Eric Chang.

6. CIY Summer Retreat: will be from 6/13~6/18 at Anderson University in IN. All 9th graders to graduating seniors are welcome to attend. Early registration is $269. Normal registration is $304. Please write a check for $50 before 4/30 to Eric Chang for early registration.

7. Youth Group Minister Candidate: Minister Search Committee and E/M have recommended Shawn Isaacs as Youth Minister Candidate. Bros and Sis are invited to meet with him every Fri. night at Mason at 9:45pm. On Sat. May 7, 6pm there will be a special potluck and sharing meeting at Mason to get to know Shawn more. Please attend and pray earnestly to seek God’s guidance in this matter.

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Weekly Article







 “He who has ears let him hear.(Matt. 11:15)

  Malchus never thought that the matter could be so complicated, yet so simple.  He was assigned to work under the High Priest Caiaphas.  He took pride in being a servant to the most prayerful Jew; especially when people on the street looked at him with admiration.  His special talent was listening; not only did he listen to his master, but also to what his masters’ enemies were saying.  During that intense political environment, he had to be cautious.  When he was assigned to take Jesus in, he already heard a lot of Jesus’ sayings, but did not understand what He meant when He said: “I must go to suffer many things at the hand of the chief priests, and must be killed, and on the third day be raised to life.”  What did it mean to be raised to life?

   The night before Passover, Malchus went on a secret mission with the temple soldiers and Judas to the Garden of Gethsemane to capture Jesus.  In the light of the dancing flames of the torch, he saw Jesus and his disciples.  Judas whispered: “It’s he.”  Then he went up to kiss his master, a signal for the soldiers to move in.  “Who are you looking for?”  Jesus asked. “Jesus of Nazareth,” was the retort.  “I am He,” said Jesus.  Suddenly a huge blow to their face, Malchus and soldiers fell to the ground.  Peter jumped up and took his blade and struck Malchus and cut off his ear.  A sharp pain with blood gushed from his head, he could not stand up.  In a great fear, he saw Jesus kneeling down by his side to clutch his head.  He said to him gently:  “Don’t be afraid. You’ll be all right.”  A soldier pulled Jesus up.  Suddenly the pain ceased, Malchus touched his own ear, the ear was whole, and the bleeding had stopped.  It was a miracle.

   Three days passed, when Malchus overheard the soldier that guarded the tomb coming back to report to the High Priest that Jesus’ body had disappeared.  His first reaction was “He has risen from the dead.”  He was so excited and unintentionally touched his ear.  Indeed, Jesus must have been “raised to life”!  Otherwise, who has the power to immediately heal his ear?  He made a decision, “From now on, I will listen to His teaching.”  He got up and left the High Priest’s court, and went to look for Jesus’ disciples.                 

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